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Race patterns revealed giving punters an inside edge

Punters are now better equipped than ever to find a winner thanks to two exciting new enhancements to The Watchdog form service.

Greyhounds are creatures of habit and possess racing patterns that stick with them throughout their entire careers.

As such, The Watchdog form guides now include Jump Style (JS) and Running Line (RL), arming punters with vital information to help them predict which greyhounds will gain a clear run and hit top speed the earliest, thus giving them the best chance of winning a race.

Jump Style (JS)

Jump style is the typical starting or jumping habit of a greyhound from the moment they leave the boxes, which can help determine if a dog will gain a clear run in the vital early stages.

For example, if a greyhound in box 2 tends to jump in a straight line at box rise but has a greyhound that jumps to the right drawn inside it in box 1 and another greyhound in box 3 that has a tendency to jump to the left, there is a likelihood that the dog in box 2 may be interfered with by the dogs in boxes 1 and 3. Conversely if the greyhound in box 1 jumps to the left and the greyhound in box 3 jumps to the right, the dog in box 2 may have some clear room to allow it to hit maximum speed early giving it a greater chance to lead the race.


There are three Jump Styles (JS) that now appear in the form guide:

Left – renowned for heading towards the rail once leaving the boxes.

Straight – renowned for heading in a straight line after leaving the boxes.

Right – renowned for moving away from the rail after leaving the boxes.

Racing Line (RL)

The Racing Line is the typical racing line of a greyhound and where it likes to position itself on a track relative to the running rail. The box draw can sometimes favour or hinder a greyhound’s chances depending on its favoured racing line.

For example, if a greyhound likes to race wide on the track and draws box 1 it has to navigate its way across to the outside of seven other dogs. Conversely, if the same greyhound drew box 8 it will already be in its favoured position on the track from box rise, and therefore be less likely to find interference.


There are three Running Lines (RL) that now appear in the form guide:

Rails – renowned for racing close to the running rail.

Middle – renowned for racing towards the middle of the track.

Wide – renowned for racing wide on the track.

The yellow circle illustrates where the ‘Jump Style’ and ‘Running Line’ are now displayed in the form guide.

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