Victorian Racing Tribunal

The Tribunal is where serious offence charges and appeals against Steward decisions are heard and determined.

What is the Victorian Racing Tribunal?

The Victorian Racing Tribunal was established in 2019 by the Victorian Government to enhance and streamline the disciplinary and appeals process for all three racing codes, replacing each code’s RAD Board.

In relation to greyhound racing, the Tribunal mainly conducts hearings to determine:

  • serious offence charges,
  • appeals against decisions made under the rules to impose a penalty on a person, and
  • matters referred to the Tribunal by Greyhound Racing Victoria or the Stewards.

Tribunal hearings are held Monday – Friday in person or remotely via telephone or audio and video link.

Making an appeal

Appeals to the Tribunal must be in the prescribed form and lodged by email with the Tribunal Registrar within a strict time frame.

Information on how to lodge an appeal, time to lodge and Notice of Appeal forms are available from the Tribunal website.

Visit The Victorian Racing Tribunal

More information on the Tribunal’s operations, including current members and Registrar contact details, are available from the Tribunal website.