Victorian Bred Greyhounds

All greyhounds bred in Victoria (VicBred) are eligible to compete for a number of select races and exclusive bonuses.

Vicbred Criteria

A greyhound bred in Victoria, ie. any greyhound with an ear brand starting with the letter ‘V’. Click the link for the latest Vic Bred calendar.


What are VicGreys bonuses?

Bonus prize money offerings in selected races on top of normal prize money which can only be won by VicBred greyhounds competing in those races.

Split: 50% Breeder; 50% Owner.

What are VicBred events?

Feature racing events for various grades of greyhounds including Maiden and Restricted Win class. These events generally incorporate heats and finals and are open only to VicBred greyhounds.

What is the Pink Diamond?

Held each year in June, GRV’s Pink Diamond series for Vic Bred greyhounds is Australia’s richest regional greyhound series. Catering for race dogs of various abilities over a range of distances and culminating in 12 feature finals held on one spectacular night, the Pink Diamond is designed to reward to Victorian breeders.