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Barracuda the Puppy Champion

From giveaway to feature race success, Barracuda Fozz excelled on Sunday at Lang Lang as promised in the $3695 to-the-winner Sylvester Doyle Puppy Championship.

Barracuda Fozz defeated his litter brother Barramundi Fozz to win his second coursing feature event by three lengths.

Making full use of the bye in the second round, Barracuda Fozz was able to pull out best of the day courses for the second week running.

“Jimmy Auld gave me the dogs at 14 months old because they weren’t chasing,” trainer Brian Fothergill said.

“Jimmy also knows that I enjoy taking the dogs coursing.”

It’s no wonder Brian is smiling from ear-to-ear after picking up the biggest win of his training career on Sunday.

The future looks to be particularly bright with Barracuda Fozz in his kennels.

Following the Sylvester Doyle Puppy Championship win, Brian’s smile could be seen from one end of Lang Lang to the other on Saturday, after what he described as the biggest win of his training career.

“This would have to be the best year I have ever had,” Brian said.

“Peter Craig said Barracuda Fozz could even be a country cup type dog.”

I made the comparison between Coursing royalty Better Than This and Barracuda Fozz to Brian last week.

It was met with much dismissal, but I do have an inkling he has a little bit more confidence in this statement now. Just a little bit though.

Much like Better Than This, Barracuda Fozz hasn’t taken to circle racing as he has coursing.

During the first week of the Sylvester Doyle Puppy Championship Barracuda Fozz went a length off the track record, not once, not twice but three times.

“He really put in this weekend which is great to see,” Brian said.

With newfound confidence, from both dog and trainer, Brian is planning to take the Fozz brothers to watch a couple of trials on the circle track in the hope of re-educating them with a possible country cup attack in mind.

In the meantime, the Benalla Derby is in a couple of weeks and according to Brian, Barracuda Fozz loves Benalla.

“Only two dogs have broken 16 seconds at Benalla, Bear Left (2018 Waterloo Cup winner) and Barracuda Fozz.”

Barracuda Fozz with trainer Brian Fothergill following their Sylvester Doyle Puppy Championship win.

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