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Perfect Progression from Racer to Pet

Greyhounds are the perfect animal. They are integrated into all parts of society and have a calm and loving nature which means they are suited to almost every situation. Their cycle through the racing industry and eventually into loving homes through adoption adds to their story and their aura.

Recently, the Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) Facebook page published a series of photos of Lucy, a retired racer that has found a new home through the program. The chronicle identified the ideal progress of a greyhound through the racing industry and into retirement, with love being shown every step of the way.

This particular story began when a photo from Lucy’s foster carer Arianne Spratt was sent through to GAP. The photo depicted her daughter Mia in a loving embrace with Lucy which encapsulated the gut-wrenching task of returning greyhound from foster care back to the adoption program.

Arianne posted: “This has never happened before – my 9yo is devastated to be sending Lucy back. We’ve had many fosters (both greys and working dogs), she’s loved them all but had understood why we foster as opposed to adopting (timing, finances etc). Heartbreaking.”

It is the reality for many foster carers that their greyhounds have to go back to GAP (unless they become ‘foster failures’ and keep the greyhounds).

The heart-breaking reality of giving back greyhounds from foster care as shown by Mia in this picture.

The heart-breaking reality of giving back greyhounds from foster care as shown by Mia in this picture.


The beauty of foster care was on show just a week later however, as Lucy found her forever home with her new owner Kym.

After this series was posted on the Facebook page Adrian Gay – whose family bred, trained and owned Lucy – got in contact with GAP to let them know how happy the family was to see that she had found a loving home.

He recounted his parents desire to find Lucy a new home once they realised her heart wasn’t in racing any more. They knew that she would make a fantastic pet.

“To see those pictures of Lucy were incredibly emotional,” Adrian told GAP.

“Lucy is without doubt the gentlest soul they have ever they ever had, and to see that picture of Mia and Lucy was so touching.

“Thank-you for what you have done for Lucy and to all the other greys is incredible.”[/vc_column_text]

Lucy raced as Ebony Metisse and had 16 starts for three wins and three placings.

This story highlights the beauty of a greyhound’s story. They are unique in their experiences leading to every greyhound having an amazing story.

WATCH: One of Lucy’s victories when she was a racer

Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) runs and operates the Victorian Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP).  


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