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New Grading Guidelines FAQs

GRV has implemented new Grading Guidelines for meetings graded on or after Friday 4 February, 2022. To assist participants with the transition to the new Grading Guidelines, a list of frequently asked questions has been compiled. See below:

Q. What are the Grading Guidelines?
A. The Grading Guidelines are the official GRV document that outline and describe the process used by GRV’s Graders when producing Victorian race fields.
Q. Why has GRV updated its Grading Guidelines?

A. It had been recognised by GRV that the Grading Guidelines were unnecessarily complicated and no longer accommodated the needs of an agile and expanded Racing Program.

Q. Did GRV engage and consult with participants when drafting the update?
A. Yes. During 2021, GRV’s Racing Department conducted an extensive participant consultation process which included a detailed grading-focused survey in addition to club-based information and engagement sessions. Feedback provided by participants included many recommendations that were ultimately incorporated into the draft update. This draft was subsequently presented to the Industry Consultative Group (ICG) and the Greyhound Owners, Trainers & Breeders Association (GOTBA) for review and further feedback before finalisation. GRV published its new Grading Guidelines in December 2021 in anticipation of implementation by February.
Q. What are the major changes?
A. Many of the changes in the new Grading Guidelines are intended to simplify the grading process, update criteria to reflect current conditions, and provide consistency across different elements of grading. This includes:
• updated ranking points table and formula of assessed starts,
• a consistent and simplified order of entry for all meeting levels (Tier 3, Special Event and Maiden Events excluded),
• removal of a Metropolitan upgrade,
• updated definition of a city win,
• updated automatic upgrade criteria to $35,000 in prize money to reflect current prize money levels,
• grading of all heats using seeded/guarded method with the top 25% seeded based on individual rank and not their Aged Prizemoney (APM) figure,
• banding of greyhounds in all standard races based on ranking instead of their APM figure, and
• a glossary of definitions.
Q. Why has my dog’s ranking changed?
A. On the morning of Friday 4 February 2022, greyhound rankings will be calculated using the updated ranking points table in the new Grading Guidelines. In particular, greyhounds that have competed in Maiden, Grade 7 & Grades 6 Events in their past eight (8) starts may be affected by the changes in the points table. Greyhounds with fewer than eight (8) career starts may also see a change to their ranking. It is important to note that not all greyhounds’ ranks will change.
Q. Has the way greyhounds are selected for Victorian fields also changed?

A. Yes. While order of entry rights still forms part of the selection process, the order of entry types have been simplified. In a significant change, and in response to participant feedback, greyhounds that do not satisfy an order of entry requirement will now be sorted into ascending order by their individual ranking, instead of Aged Prize Money (APM).

Unless the Event has overriding special conditions, fields are then composed using one (1) of three (3) following methods:
• Banded – applies to all standard Events and single stage Advertised Events (excluding Maiden Events)
• Seeded/Guarded – applies to all Heats
• Random/Guarded – applied to all Maiden Events
Q. How does the Banded selection method work?
A. The Banded method allocates greyhounds into races so that within the grade, greyhounds of a similar ranking race against each other. When multiple races are conducted for the same grade and distance, greyhounds are ordered by their ranking, and allocated to the available races in rank order.
Q. How will heats be graded?
A. Heats are graded using a Seeded/Guarded method. This method orders greyhounds by their individual ranking and then allocates them into races so that greyhounds of a similar ranking are evenly distributed amongst the available races (seeded). After greyhounds have been allocated, the GRV Grader will review the races to identify any greyhounds that could be considered for Guarding.
Q. Will Aged Prizemoney (APM) still be used for selecting greyhounds?
A. Yes, but only to differentiate between two or more greyhounds with the same ranking that need to be split for the purposes of selection and allocation into a field.
Q. What is the updated definition of a city win?
A. A city win is now defined as a win worth $3,000 or more (excluding Maiden Events) at the following tracks: The Meadows, Sandown Park, Wentworth Park, Albion Park, Cannington, Angle Park, Hobart, and Launceston.
Q. How is my greyhound’s ranking calculated?
A. Points are allocated to a greyhound each time they are awarded a place result (1st to 8th), with the value determined by their finishing position (1 to 8), the Track Category and the Event Race Type/Grade, as per the Weighted Points Score Table in the Grading Guidelines.

Greyhound rankings are calculated by a FastTrack formula that is designed to reflect a greyhound’s most recent performance/results.

The formula:

1. selects the last eight (8) place results,
2. looks at the points allocated for each,
3. ignores the two (2) largest points values
4. adds the six (6) smallest points values
5. calculates the average number of points, and

6. adds 100 base points.

The ranking for greyhounds with fewer than eight (8) place results use a modified version of the formula which is described in the Grading Guidelines.  Rankings are updated after every new place result is recorded.

Q. When will Tier 3 time standards for Traralgon be added?
A. A Tier 3 time standard will be established for each distance once all four distances are operational at Traralgon.
Q. Why have the order of entries been updated?
A. The update introduced a consistent and simplified order of entry across all levels of race meetings to make it easier for participants to understand how greyhounds are selected for fields.
Q. If I have a question about grading, who can I contact?
A. Whether it is a general enquiry, or a specific question relating to your greyhound, please email all grading related enquiries to [email protected]
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