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Warrnambool to host Victoria’s first 13-race card

Victoria’s first greyhound meeting carrying 13 races will take place this Monday at Warrnambool.

Six of Victoria’s 13 clubs have the kennel capacity to host 13 races – Bendigo, Cranbourne, Geelong, Sandown, Shepparton and Warrnambool.

This Monday’s Warrnambool race meeting will be an operational trial run. Future 13 race cards will not be graded until after the Warrnambool meeting has been conducted.

Here we provide answers to key questions relating to this exciting initiative.

Q. Why are we going to 13 races?
This is principally about creating an option to improve flexibility when and where there might be excess nominations, which will then provide more opportunities for greyhounds to gain a start. This will then enable more chances to earn prize money for the participants, as well as driving more revenue to put back into things like prize money increases.

Q. Will prize money still be the same?
Yes the extra race is treated the same as any other race

Q. Will travel and starter fees still be the same?
Yes the extra race is treated the same as any other race

Q. Will it be split kennelling or normal kennelling?
Kennelling will run as normal.

Q. How will kennelling work? Will my dog be in the kennel for longer?
The kennelling process will run exactly the same as it does now. Generally speaking, dogs in the 13th race will be kennelled for up to 20 minutes longer.

Q. How will they be graded?
Races will be graded according to the Meeting type and nominations received.

Q. How will scratchings work with an odd number of races?
No change/no impact at all.Q. When and where will the 13 races be scheduled?
Tracks with the capability for running 13 races are Bendigo, Cranbourne, Geelong, Sandown, Shepparton and Warrnambool. A 13th race will be scheduled at meetings when sufficient nominations permit at those clubs.

Q. Do the clubs have the additional kennels for the extra race?
All of these clubs have additional kennels available for the extra race – these kennels all meet our standard operational requirements.

Q. Will this make ‘Night’ meetings finish later?
The timing of all races is largely dependent on Sky Racing programming, so it is not possible to provide a precise timing impact for every meeting. However, it is likely that meetings will finish up to 20 minutes later. GRV will have ongoing discussions with Sky Racing to negotiate a slightly earlier start time for meetings with 13 races.

Q. Will the length of race meeting increase or will gaps between races be shorter?
As above

Q. What will be the legs of the quadrella?
The Quaddie, Early Quaddie, Daily Double, Treble and Big Six legs will generally remain unchanged as per below. There may be some very occasional instances where this might change for special reasons, but that would be uncommon.

Q. What grade/type of race will be programmed as the 13th race?
Races programmed will be based on the meeting type and nominations received.

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