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Greyhounds Australasia: Passport Policy Update

Greyhounds Australasia (GA) manages passport applications from Australian greyhound owners wishing to export their greyhound overseas under GAR 124 (2)(e).

GA has revised its policy in relation to passports for greyhounds where the intended destination is unregulated. The revised policy ensures there is no industry or public confusion about the industry’s position which is to help ensure the wellbeing of all greyhounds at every stage of their lifecycle.

GA has not issued passports to greyhounds where the intended destination is unregulated for several years. However, GA’s formal policy position had been to allow the passport applicant to provide evidence of the animal welfare standards at the destination and for that evidence to be considered by GA before a decision to grant or reject the application was made.

The revised policy makes it very clear that a GA passport will not be issued under any circumstances to greyhounds where the intended destination is unregulated.

The updated policy is as follows:

Where the intended destination for the export of a greyhound is an unregulated country or jurisdiction (including where Greyhounds Australasia has no formal association with a recognised central regulatory authority), a GA passport will not be granted.

GA is providing an opportunity for participants to have their say on the revised policy. Feedback is open until 21 September 2018 and should be submitted by email to

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About Greyhounds Australasia - Greyhounds Australasia (GA) comprises representatives from jurisdictional controlling bodies in Australian states and territories, and New Zealand (the GA Directors). The charter of GA is to support these jurisdictions via encouragement of a national approach to the Australasian greyhound racing industry. GA provides its stakeholders with value-added services and practices that support industry integrity, optimal returns and ensures a sustainable future.
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