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Racing and Grading Changes – aged prize money explained

The recent GRV Stakeholder Workshops – ‘Grading, Racing and Programming’ (23rd July 2016) and ‘Improving the Racing career of Greyhounds’ (25th June 2016), provided some valuable feedback on our current grading, programming and race selection processes.

As a result, we are pleased to announce the following changes to provide increased opportunities for greyhounds to race within the Victorian racing program.

New Rank Limit Meeting Type

A new ‘Rank Limit’ meeting type will soon be available which will dedicate the entire meeting to a specified rank limit, to allow for greyhounds regardless of grade to compete against similarly ranked greyhounds.

Each greyhound in racing is allocated a Ranking Value calculated from its last eight starts with the two worst scores removed. This rank will determine their eligibility for this specified rank limit meeting.

A ‘Rank Limit’ meeting will be indicated by the purple text colour (see Figure 1) within the meeting Calendar on FastTrack. The rank limit applicable to each meeting will be revealed when it is selected from the Calendar (see Figure 2). Eligible greyhounds can then be nominated for this meeting in the usual manner.

figure one e

figure 2
Aged Prize Money – APM review and feedback
Currently the GRV Grading process utilises an ‘Aged Prize Money’ (APM) calculation to determine which greyhounds are drawn against each other in a race – see Grading Guideline Part 2 – Selection Methods:


Whilst the current method of calculating APM has worked reasonably well since the introduction of the FastTrack grading system (May 2013), there have been occasional examples during the grading process, where the use of the APM ranking has resulted in the elevation of a greyhound into a more highly-credentialed race, to which it may not be suited.

This mainly affects younger greyhounds that may have only won a Maiden Final or Restricted Win event carrying higher than standard prize money (eg. $7,500 to the winner) being selected into a higher level race. Likewise, greyhounds that have lost form in recent times, or are returning from injury, can also carry over historic prize money levels which are possibly not as pertinent or reflective of their current ability or form.

To better provide for these situations, and following testing of recent nominated greyhounds, the following adjustment to the APM calculation table are proposed:


Example Dog – “Pappa Gallo”


Example Dog – “Greysynd Chief”


This adjusted method will assist those greyhounds mentioned by increasing the ‘decay value’ which will enable greyhounds of similar APM levels to be drawn into similar races of APM values.

In this example, even though Pappa Gallo has higher career prize money, it would be matched with other greyhounds with an APM value of around $3K (subject to nominations received), while Greysynd Chief would be matched at a higher $15K level because a larger proportion of its career prize money earnings are more recent.

It is GRV’s future intention to publish the current APM for each greyhound on their Form page on FastTrack to provide a transparent guide to owners and trainers.

We are seeking feedback from participants on the proposed changes to Aged Prize Money (APM) and ask that all feedback be emailed to with APM in the subject title.

The content on this page was accurate at the time of publishing. If you notice any inaccurate content on this page or anywhere on the website, please report it here

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