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VIDEO: Meet GRV’s new GM – Animal Welfare

Greyhound Racing Victoria’s new General Manager of Animal Welfare, veterinarian Dr. Gavin Goble, has described greyhounds as “amazing animals.”

Speaking at GRV’s most recent Stakeholder Engagement Workshop at Geelong on June 4 (details below), Dr. Goble said he is excited at his new role after many years of working with greyhounds overseas.

Dr. Goble described the live-baiting saga aired by the ABC’s Four Corners in February last year as “disgraceful”, and said he is eagerly looking forward to playing a key role in GRV’s new journey going forward.

“I’ve seen a huge change in GRV. Obviously a lot of people have come in (with) new thinking. I’m happy to stand up to anyone who criticises the industry because at the end of the day, it’s here to stay,” Dr. Goble said.

GRV has scheduled a series of Strategic Engagement Workshops to identify core issues surrounding nine key topics, which have, or will be, discussed across 11 workshops throughout the state between 10 May and 6 August, 2016.

All 11 workshops are being conducted by IEDEX, an independent facilitator, with the object being to collect intelligence to assist GRV in making informed, strategic decisions about the future of greyhound racing in Victoria, particularly in relation to the welfare of the greyhound throughout its entire lifecycle.

Training facilities and trial tracks (Sandown, Tuesday 10 May)
Track design, track safety and lures (The Meadows, Sunday 22 May)
Breeding and breeding controls (1) (Sandown, Saturday 28 May)
Breeding and breeding controls (2) (Geelong, Saturday 4 June)

Rearing and pre-race training (The Meadows, Sunday 19 June) Click to Register
Improving the racing career of greyhounds (Sandown, Saturday 25 June) Click to Register
Industry education and training requirements (Sandown, Saturday 2 July)
Racing program and grading (1) (Sandown, Saturday 16 July)
Racing program and grading (2) (Sandown, Saturday 23 July)
Opportunities for smaller scale participants (The Meadows, Sunday 31 July)
TBC additional workshop as required (Cranbourne, Saturday 6 August)

Don’t miss this opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas about the future of greyhound racing in Victoria. All ideas are heard and recorded for future reference. To register for upcoming workshops, please click HERE

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