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New National Rules proposed for Victoria in 2016


Amendments to Greyhounds Australasia Rules (GAR) covering accredited laboratories, exercise-induced conditions, anabolic androgenic steroids and out of competition testing are proposed to be introduced across Victoria in early 2016. GRV seeks industry feedback prior to their approval and implementation.

Under the new rules, GAR 1 now defines an ‘accredited laboratory’ as an analytical racing laboratory accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities or by a similar overseas authority and approved by Greyhounds Australasia or the controlling body.

GAR 74 has been amended to allow Stewards to withdraw greyhounds from future events if they are severely distressed, severely ataxic, collapsed (or would collapse if not supported by the handler) or suffered a seizure until passing a satisfactory trial and veterinary examination.

GAR 79A will ban anabolic androgenic steroids for any greyhound from birth until retirement, excluding ethyloestrenol where it is appropriately prescribed as an oestrous suppressant in females. Out of Competition testing and hair testing for Anabolic Androgenic Steroids will be routinely enforced from 1 July 2016 to allow a safe wash out period of these substances.

Greyhounds Australasia is also proposing to introduce a urinary threshold for arsenic of 800 ng/mL within GAR 83 (11) as excessive amounts of arsenic affect the cardiovascular system, making it a prohibited substance when present in a sample at concentrations above that which would naturally occur through routine nutritional sources.

GRV is already testing for arsenic and will enforce clear breaches of this proposed threshold now, so trainers should avoid the administration of products containing arsenic without considering veterinary advice. More information is available via this link

For more information on GA National Rule changes planned to be introduced in Victoria in 2016

Participants wishing to provide feedback by 14 January 2016 can do so by emailing: [email protected]

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