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Interview: Ray Gunston speaks to RSN

Outgoing GRV Chairman, Ray Gunston, addressed a number of key areas facing greyhound racing on RSN this morning including a discussion on why the Greyhound Owners and Breeders Incentive Scheme (GOBIS) will be discontinued.

The discussion, on Racing Ahead with Shane Anderson, covered a number of areas of critical importance to the future of greyhound racing in the state.

Mr Gunston said there needs to be a cultural change at all levels of the industry in order for the sport to succeed in the future.

“We must ensure the industry behaves compliantly, properly and responsibly… to achieve that we need to get all the policy settings and rules and everything else around the industry focussed on achieving the right behaviours,” Mr Gunston said.



“GOBIS in its current form did not really do this. It’s a specific incentive about prize money to breed in an industry where clearly we’ve got an over breeding issue so it’s not appropriate.

“We’ve got strong wagering leading to strong prize money which gives participants good reason to be involved in the industry and we simply don’t need a further incentive specific to breeding at this time.”

Mr Gunston recognised that the decision to develop an exit strategy for GOBIS has not been a popular decision among the industry but said that tough decisions must be made in the current climate for the industry to remain sustainable in the future.

“It is a Board decision, we got input from the GOBIS committee that has industry participants, but in the end this is a call made by the Board in the context of alignment with the reports (the RIC and CVO Reports).”

The discussion moved onto the future of the sport and it was mentioned that the settings are in place for greyhound racing to remain prosperous but there needed to be acceptance of the necessity for cultural change.

“I have a great deal of confidence (that the industry has a strong future) but that confidence is contingent on people within the industry and within GRV all understanding that there is a lot of change that needs to occur in respect of the outflows of the recommendations of the Chief Vet’s report and Racing Integrity Commissioner report.

“I’m comfortable that the industry has a future so long as it accepts that these changes are important and that we have a culture which is one of compliance with the welfare guidelines and the structures that need to be put in place pursuant to the reports.”

Ray Gunston’s term as Chairman will come to an end shortly when new Chairman, Bernie Carolan, begins his tenure. Mr Gunston will remain on the four-person GRV Board following the handover to Mr Carolan.

Greyhound Racing VictoriaGreyhound Racing Victoria

Greyhound Racing Victoria

GRV regulates the sport of greyhound racing in the state of Victoria under the Racing Act 1958 (Act), which includes setting standards and ensuring they are met by participants.

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