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Quiz Persistence Pays Off!

IF at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.

That’s the philosophy that saw Jason Schram finally win himself a 10 per cent share in a greyhound on Off the Bench’s Dr Who Survivor Quiz on Saturday morning.

After nearly three years of calling every Saturday morning, Schram finally got himself to the final question this week and eventually saluted.

“I try nearly every week I think,” Schram said.

“I’ve answered a few questions on the show before, I’ve had a few goes at it.

“Over a few years I would have tried over a dozen times, but it’s probably a hell-of-a lot more than that if I’m completely honest with you.”

Schram said he’d got close to winning before, but could never get to the final question.

“I think I got maybe a question seven right and then got question eight wrong, but I’ve never managed to get myself to question 10 before,” he said.

“I came in on question 10 and couldn’t believe my luck.”

The father of three young kids said he was pumped at the prospect of owning a share in a greyhound.

“I’ve had a few bets on them in my time, and I’ve had a couple of mates who have owned a dog before,” he said.

“I watch them every now and then when I’m with my mates at the pub, but it’s going to be brilliant fun watching it go around when I’m part of the ownership.”

Schram chose to be part of Dr Turf’s syndicate on the show, saying he steered clear of Craig Hutchison after the host of the show tried to go to a different caller.

“I think on the day Hutchy tried to stiff me and go to a different caller, so I couldn’t go with him,” Schram laughed.

“I eventually went with Doc, but I think it might have been Pickers who was sticking up for me on air.”

And Schram said he had already decided on what name he would suggest for the greyhound when it’s purchased.

“I’ve often thought about it if I won it, I’d like to name the dog: “Tell ‘Em Pickers Sent You”.

PIC: Dr Turf’s greyhound bought at the 2014 R2R sales [inset] a happy Jason Schram

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