• Wednesday, 25 Aug, 2021,
  • by @WatchDogRacing

VIDEO: How they got there

The fastest performing greyhounds at The Meadows between 1 June – 21 August, whether in a trial or under race conditions, qualified for tonight’s Speed Star.

Check out all their replays below…

G3 Speed Star 725m – Qualifying times

1 Mepunga Ruby 42.787sec watch v 2 Major Sacrifice 42.879sec watch
3 Five Star 42.829sec watch v 4 Empress Tears 42.86sec watch
5 Knicks Bale 42.729sec watch v 6 Drako Bale 42.784sec watch
7 Rock On Jimmy 42.732sec watch v 8 Hank The Hustler 42.727sec watch

G3 Speed Star 600m – Qualifying times

1 Captain Dynamite 34.476sec watch v 2 Fernando Frank 34.358sec watch
3 Run Like Jess 34.335sec watch v 4 Shadow Mist 34.382sec watch
5 Zac’s Entity 34.182sec watch v 6 Collinda Patty 34.117sec watch
7 Mepunga Warrior 34.249sec watch v 8 Gypsy Wyong 34.325sec watch

G3 Speed Star 525m – Qualifying times

1 Chop Scotch 29.868sec watch v 2 Paddy Wants Pats 29.826sec watch
3 Lala Kiwi 29.877sec watch v 4 Tiggerlong Tonk 29.832sec watch
5 Aston Rupee 29.746sec watch v 6 Weblec Blazer 29.647sec watch
7 Aston Cade 29.734sec watch v 8 Qwara Bale 29.789sec watch

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