• Sunday, 30 Aug, 2020,
  • by Phillip Weir

Fanatical vet ‘Dr Bec’ receives GRV Welfare Award

The 2020 GRV Welfare Award has been bestowed on a stalwart of greyhound welfare and a name familiar with many greyhound fosterers and adopters: Dr Rebecca ‘Bec’ Goode.

As the in-house veterinary surgeon at GAP, Bec sees thousands of dogs every year and, in her words, “does all that might be needed before they go out to their adoptive homes.”

There’s much more than that, however. Bec is a regular at GAP and GRV events. You’ll often find her checking teeth in a tent at a community day or providing information to a room full of owners about toenails. Or dandruff. Or diets. Or at the GAP café going over the intricacies of ‘happy tail’. There’s so much to talk about with greyhounds.

“They’re almost a species in themselves. They’re lovely dogs, but also fascinating from a vet’s perspective. They’re so compliant and easy to deal with,” Dr Bec said.

Bec has been with GAP for eight years. She graduated from the University of Queensland in 2001 and opened the Port Phillip Animal Hospital in 2006 with her husband Craig, who still looks after the Middle Park practice. On top of this, there’s the ‘Greys Matter’ specialty service ( she runs, and five boys at home (not including Craig) to wrangle.

Bec is keen to sing the praises of GAP. “They have such an amazing foster care network and foster support. To have contact with the greyhound community, reassuring them, checking things through, but also seeing them be able to manage veterinary issues. We’ve got an amazing group of people out there.”

Like many in the profession, Bec is also keen to share her knowledge. “Greyhounds are very different from other dogs, and I think what I love is learning about the ways they are so different, and helping others recognise that as well.”

“I’m very, very humbled by this award. It’s just amazing. I’m over the moon.”

The GRV Welfare Award was first presented in 2016 and recognises a person’s outstanding contribution to the welfare of greyhounds as adjudged by GRV’s Board of Directors.

Phillip WeirPhillip Weir

Phillip Weir

Phil has spent a lifetime working in the media. He has a keen interest in the history of the greyhound breed and is a foster carer for the Greyhound Adoption Program.

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