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Participants needed for diet and fertility studies

Greyhound Racing Victoria is working alongside the University of Melbourne with a series of studies set to explore diet and fertility.

We are looking for industry participants to be involved in the studies in which students are researching the best possible diet for greyhounds and to recommend safe and evidence-based treatment protocols for the control of oestrus in the racing greyhound female.

Study one is looking into the different diets that greyhounds are fed at all stages of their life. The nutrient requirements of greyhounds and sporting dogs vary during their life cycle and this study will aim to assess the suitability of the diet to ensure that all the required nutrients are supplied.

Students plan to examine what owners and trainers currently feed their dogs and then compare this to the known nutrient requirements for greyhounds and sporting dogs. The study will look at the diets of both racing and retired greyhounds.

Study two aims to determine at what age female greyhounds have their first oestrus (when they come in season) and the subsequent length of time between each oestrus. Students will survey participating properties and industry participants and are looking for those greyhounds have not had their first oestrus as of January 2019.

The greyhounds that are selected for the study will be followed until they have had their second or more oestrous cycle.

The diet study will allow greyhound and sporting dog owners and trainers to have their diets examined for its adequacy or any deficiencies or excesses.

The objective of the fertility research is to determine the age at which Greyhound bitches have the onset of their first oestrus (comes in season), and the subsequent length of time between each oestrus.

This will help owners and trainers plan more logical use of oestrus control medications and will help in the development of new methods of oestrus control.

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