• Friday, 31 Jul, 2015,
  • by Greyhound Racing Victoria

CEO Adam Wallish to leave Greyhound Racing Victoria

Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) today announced that CEO Adam Wallish had elected not to pursue a further 3-year term and would leave the services of the organisation.

In a joint statement with Mr Wallish, Board member and immediate past Chairman of GRV Mr Ray Gunston said Mr Wallish leaves with the good wishes of the Board on agreed terms.

Mr Gunston said the principal achievements in Mr Wallish’s 3-year term of office included:

• Development and implementation of GRV’s five year strategic plan, significantly improving the transparency of GRV’s business

• Successful implementation of many of the recommendations contained in the 2012 Ombudsman’s Report, and significant restructure of GRV

• A 144% increase in spending on greyhound welfare over the past 2 years and a record 847 adoptions processed through GRV’s Greyhound Adoption Program in FY15

• Introduced new drug testing protocols, including out of competition swabs and almost doubled the number of samples taken over the last 3 years

• Generated and maintained GRV net profit at around $8 million per annum over his term

• $13 million (43%) increase in prize money returns to participants over the past 3 years

• Racing wagering market share increase for greyhounds: from 18.58% in FY12 to 20.32% in FY15

• Introduction of GRV social media channels and greater engagement with fans of the sport

Mr Wallish said “I have elected not to pursue renewal of my contract for a further 3-year term and the separation on agreed terms is amicable from the viewpoint of myself and GRV.

“I am proud of what has been achieved during my term as CEO and pay tribute to the work of GRV’s high-quality staff in doing all and more than was asked of them. They are a valuable asset for GRV and it has been a pleasure to work with them under the direction of the Board of the day. I wish everyone involved in the 13 clubs and all members every success,” he added.

Mr Gunston went on to say “Following the recent release of the Reports of the Racing Integrity Commissioner and the Chief Veterinary Officer, GRV now faces many new challenges in working with the Victorian Government and the Victorian Greyhound Industry participants to implement the recommendations of these reports.”

Greyhound Racing VictoriaGreyhound Racing Victoria

Greyhound Racing Victoria

GRV regulates the sport of greyhound racing in the state of Victoria under the Racing Act 1958 (Act), which includes setting standards and ensuring they are met by participants.

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