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Statement from GRV Interim Chair Michael Harms

Whilst the office of the Racing Integrity Commissioner stated that there is no evidence that the GRV Board, CEO or senior management knew about the practice of live baiting occurring in Victoria in his interim report today, the Board of Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) has today informed the Minister for Racing, Martin Pakula, of their intention to individually offer their resignations, which the Minister has accepted.

This is a decision, which has not been taken lightly given the significant work that occurred since the new board was installed in 2012 with the implementation of a new five-year strategic plan of which Greyhound welfare is at its core, but is in the interests of clearing the way for GRV and the Victorian Government to continue to restore public confidence to greyhound racing.

It is our firm view that the vast majority of those involved in greyhound racing in Victoria are good, honest people who treat animals with respect.

It is disgraceful and unacceptable that a small number of criminals have behaved so heinously, and the Victorian public is right to demand answers.

As a Board, we fully support the swift actions taken so far by GRV and by the government in addressing and investigating this criminal conduct and welcome the commissioner’s full report in April which we expect will further vindicate the Board’s record of looking after the greyhounds’ welfare since 2012.

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