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Greyhound Welfare Strategy Continues with Data Analysis Project

Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) is significantly expanding its greyhound welfare strategy with a particular focus on data capture and analysis. The recently released GRV Strategic Plan ‘On Track for a Great Future’ identified the completion of a greyhound data management and tracking program as a priority initiative, in order to ensure that every greyhound is tracked throughout its life.

As an industry, we are aware that we are accountable for every greyhound that is bred, whether or not it reaches the racetrack.  To that end, we are now expanding our monitoring of ‘inactive’ greyhounds to include unnamed greyhounds.

GRV has implemented technology that identifies greyhounds that have had no participation in racing, breeding or the registration process in the last 6 months. The owners of greyhounds that are considered ‘inactive’ are then notified, prompting them to either retire the greyhound, or contact GRV if the greyhound is still going to race.  As this will be the first time owners have been contacted in regards to unnamed greyhounds, we are sure that there will members who will be unsure as to what they need to do.

The ‘quick guide’ below has been developed to help those that need further information. This process will need to be followed to avoid the potential fines associated with late reporting.

Where the greyhound has been retired as a Pet, a Breeding Animal, or in the case of Humane Euthanasia, the first step is to access your FastTrack Account and access your MyDogs tab.


Step 1: Access your ‘MyDogs’ TAB

MyDogs TAB_Example


From here, find the individual greyhound on the list, and by selecting ‘Actions’ followed by ‘Retire’ FastTrack will allow you access to the Greyhound Retirement Menu as seen below.

Step 2: Select ‘Actions’ followed by ‘Retire’ for the individual greyhound

Greyhound Retirment Image_FINAL


Members must note, in the cases where a greyhound has been humanely euthanased, a certificate of euthanasia from a veterinarian must be provided to finalise the retirement. (Please note: It IS NOT the responsibility of the veterinarian to forward the certificate to GRV).  Ideally this should be scanned and emailed to GRV’s Greyhound Welfare Department at [email protected] or alternatively faxed to (03) 8329 1000.

If your greyhound is still considered a racing prospect – maybe they are spelling, in work, or seasonal – then you will need to contact the Greyhound Welfare Department at [email protected] with the Greyhound details and a brief explanation of the Greyhound’s current status so it may be removed from the search parameters.

Finally, Owners must be aware that the Owners Declaration is a compulsory requirement of all GRV Owner Registrations.

As part of this declaration, Owners are responsible for the Welfare of the Greyhound until a transfer of ownership is completed, as well as being responsible for any actions required if the Greyhound is no longer a racing prospect.

If the greyhound has been transferred to another owner, it is a requirement under the rules that a transfer is lodged with GRV.  Transfers of unnamed greyhounds are FREE, and GRV reminds owners that any transfers should be completed at the time of sale to ensure the correct owner is recorded against the greyhound.

If you sell or give away a greyhound that you own, you are expected to keep records of the transfers so that new owners are contactable if necessary. The same is required if the greyhound is given to a third-party as a pet.

For more information please contact the Greyhound Welfare Department on: 03 8329 1100

The content on this page was accurate at the time of publishing. If you notice any inaccurate content on this page or anywhere on the website, please report it here

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