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Thrill Of The Chase

A new television series taking viewers inside the world of greyhound racing – Thrill Of The Chase – is currently airing on Sunday mornings at 10am on 7mate. The exciting new five-part series will run until December 1, aiming to educate and celebrate the greyhound industry while profiling the sport’s brightest stars. The program is taking viewers behind the scenes into the most successful kennels to meet dedicated breeders and athletes from around Australia. Thrill Of The Chase is co-hosted by talented media performers including 1116 SEN’s Jack Heverin, GRV’s Molly Haines and RSN duo Liz Whelan and James Van de Maat. A selection of Australia’s former champion greyhounds also appear in a segment called ‘Molly’s Lounge’.

The show is a collaboration between GRV, South Australia and Western Australia.

Thrill of the Chase
off and running

Re-live all the fun and entertainment from today’s first episode of greyhound racing’s exciting new free-to-air TV show ‘Thrill of the Chase’ on 7Mate.

Greyhound superheroes and National Draft expert join Thrill Of The Chase

Another jam-packed episode of Thrill Of The Chase went to air this morning on 7Mate, including a preview of next weekend’s National Greyhound Draft, the appearances of a couple of greyhound superheroes, plus key interviews with top trainer Robert Britton and breeder Darren Puleio.

‘Thrill Of The Chase’: National Greyhound Draft special

Greyhound racing’s second ever National Greyhound Draft was broadcast live on Sunday 16 November on 7Mate.