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Last Updated: 11 March 2021 09:02:30 PM

What Is Spelling?

Your greyhound will almost certainly have a little bit of general soreness after breaking in – after all they are using muscles that they might not have used before!

Once your greyhound returns from the breakers, it is normal for them to have time to rest and recuperate.  They should be examined by a greyhound vet to make sure that any soreness or injury is detected and treated appropriately, and then they are usually spelled for anywhere from 4-12 weeks.

If the greyhound has any injury, your vet may ask that they are rested in a smaller size yard to minimise the stresses applied to their muscles and bones.  Otherwise, your greyhound can return to a life similar to that at the rearing farm, with regular galloping exercise in yards or paddocks, but without any chasing of a mechanical lure.

Sometimes finding a place to spell your greyhound can be a little tricky.  Most rearers will rear greyhounds when they are young, but once they move on to the breaking and pre-training phases, their place at the rearing farm is often taken by a younger pup coming through the system.  So you will need to plan ahead, and have a place booked well before your greyhound heads off to the breakers.  Coming back from the breakers many greyhounds need a little more care, and some TLC to make sure they are right before they head off to the next stage of their racing career, so look for a place with a smaller number of dogs.

NOTE: If your greyhound has broken in really well you may be able to source a trainer who is prepared to spell and then pre-train your greyhound, with a view to eventually training them for you.

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