Sourcing A Trainer

Owning a racing greyhound can be an exhilarating experience.

If your greyhound is showing great potential you will have no problem sourcing virtually any trainer you like. There are a number of outstanding greyhound trainers in this state, and they aren’t necessarily the household names.

Consider that while many of the more established trainers may not have room in their kennel for your greyhound if it is not up to their high standards, there are a number of trainers that thrive on the challenge of improving greyhounds that may be taking some time to show ability.

One of the best ways to measure a trainer’s success is by looking at their winning strike rate (displayed in the ‘% 1st’s’ column). This indicates the ability of a trainer to get the most out of the greyhounds they have in their kennel.

And the excitement levels only multiply when your greyhound is first to cross the finish line – whether you are watching it from your lounge room, at the TAB or at the racetrack with your mates – there’s nothing like that winning feeling!

The breeder of your greyhound or the Manager of your local race club is best placed to point you in the right direction of a trainer that will get your little champion racing and all going well – winning.

Buying a Pup

Buying a greyhound as a pup can be a rewarding experience as in most cases you can have a hands-on involvement as your greyhound grows and you will have the chance to develop a close bond with your dog.

Buying a Racedog

Identifying and purchasing a greyhound that has a lot of promise takes a trained eye.


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Owner Responsibilities

Owning a racing greyhound is a terrific experience and one unlike any other in racing.