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  • by Peter Quilty

The Big ‘Chill’

Evergreen veteran Chill Out Webby has gone out on top… Get this – at his 186th start!

In emotional scenes, the rising six-year-old (whelped November 13, 2016) saluted at The Meadows on the weekend as a $49.80 bolter.

It was his first win since August 9 last year – making it 16 (with 28 seconds and 23 thirds) in all – and his fifth win (with 11 seconds and 10 thirds) from 80 starts over 525m at The Meadows.

And his part-owner/trainer, Heathcote-based Julie Chilcott, was quick to call time on his lengthy career.

In fact, she made the retirement decision even before her ‘iron man’ snacked on a Macca’s double cheeseburger and strawberry thickshake on the way home.

“He’s a pet for life… He’ll get spoiled rotten now.”

Chill Out Webby (Fabregas x Madisson Dee) will now live the ‘Life of Riley’ as a household pet.

“He’s a pet for life… He’ll get spoiled rotten now,” Julie said. His mum lived with us until she passed away.”

Chill Out Webby is owned by the tight-knit Chilcott family along with a few friends including The Meadows electrician, Geoff Cooke.

And most of the Chilcott clan were on-track to witness a tug-at-the-heartstrings moment they’ll never forget and always cherish.

When asked about her immediate reaction as Chill Out Webby crossed the finish line, Julie said: “You’ll make me cry again.”

The Chill Out Webby ‘fan club’ shares a magical moment.

But she was quick to add: “I was just happy to see him come home safe.

“It (the win) was a shock for starters, but it was a fitting end to his career. He’s gone out on a high.

“If only every dog had a heart like him. Actually, if he’d been fast, he would be even more amazing.

“But you’d put him out in an exercise yard, and he basically trained himself. He loved competition.”

Another retirement prompt was Julie’s opinion Chill Out Webby would be ‘outclassed’ in future races.

WATCH: CHILL OUT WEBBY (3) scores a momentous win at The Meadows on Saturday night.

“He’d be with the ‘big boys’ and we didn’t want to do that to him.”

At an age when most greyhounds are collecting ‘pension cheques’, Chill Out Webby’s mind was still making appointments his ageless legs could keep.

He may have fallen 14 starts shy of a ‘double century’, but Julie provided an insight into his racing longevity – call it ‘secret elixir of youth’.

“He went on a massage mat before nearly every start. And we have a vet who comes out on a fortnightly basis to check our team.

“His welfare has always been first and foremost, and that goes for all our dogs.

Age shall not weary Chill Out Webby as he strides to his 16th win from 186 starts.

“We were hoping to get to 200 starts, but it’s just too hard. It’s not fair on him.”

As you can see, Chill Out Webby was treated with ‘kid gloves’, which is a credit to Julie and her husband, Michael, who bred him.

But it seems some things never change…

“He’s still full on, we’re waiting for him to ‘chill out’,” Julie quipped.

Pawnote: Box six was the only draw Chill Out Webby didn’t win from in a career that commenced way back on July 4, 2018.

Peter QuiltyPeter Quilty

Peter Quilty

Peter Quilty has more than three decades of experience as assistant editor of Victorian Greyhound Weekly. He was editor of GRV monthly magazine The Adviser (2001-09) and owner/publisher of Australian Greyhound Monthly. He also served on the selection panel for the inaugural GRV ‘Hall of Fame’ inductees and for several years was an adjudicator on the Victorian GOTY. He’s also published greyhound racing yearbooks and wrote the ‘Bold Trease’ video script.

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