• Friday, 08 Apr, 2022,
  • by Greyhound Racing Victoria

Steward reporting model set to change

GRV’s Stewards Reports are set to be modernised in a change that will affect some form guides.

A new Steward reporting model will come into effect at Victorian greyhound race meetings from Monday 11 April that will use a more concise, integrity and outcome-based approach consistent with Stewards Reports produced in other jurisdictions and racing codes.

Victorian Stewards Reports will continue to include vital regulatory information such as swab samples, suspensions, stand-downs, inquiries, late scratchings, race incidents, veterinary examinations and satisfactory trial outcomes.

However, to improve accuracy and efficiency in the reporting process, collisions and checks will no longer be included.

As such, estimations of the lengths lost by a greyhound through interference in a run (eg. C4 = lost four lengths) will no longer appear in GRV’s form guides.

Stewards will continue recording the starting speed of greyhounds (eg. Q = Quick; M = Medium; S = Slow), while Judges will continue capturing ‘Positions In Running’ throughout a race (PIR – eg. 6331), ensuring such information still flows into form guides.

For people interested in the checks and bumps that help tell the ‘story’ of a race, race vision, often including head on views, is freely available through race replays published by GRV.

Greyhound Racing VictoriaGreyhound Racing Victoria

Greyhound Racing Victoria

GRV regulates the sport of greyhound racing in the state of Victoria under the Racing Act 1958 (Act), which includes setting standards and ensuring they are met by participants.

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