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MyFastTrack is now here for you, wherever you are

In the busy on-the-go world of greyhound rearing, racing and rehoming, most participants rely on their mobile phones to complete everyday racing, breeding, and administration tasks.

GRV’s MyFastTrack is the new mobile app for FastTrack that will make managing your greyhound racing activities and keeping records up to date a breeze.  Intuitive and user friendly, with just a few taps, wherever you are, Victorian breeders, owners and trainers can quickly and easily complete any task, access the racing calendar, check announcements and search for both dogs and trainers.

A long-term major project for GRV, the app was designed and developed in-house, in conjunction with an extensive participant consultation, feedback and testing program spanning more than 18 months, resulting in true mobile friendly access to FastTrack, that is easy to navigate and even easier to use.

In even better news for participants, GRV is pleased to announce that the MyFastTrack mobile app includes two new capabilities that have been on wish lists for some time:

  • the ability to add or edit kennel (pet) names, and
  • the ability to enter flea or worm treatments for multiple dogs in a single Greyhound Record event.

Everything you currently do in FastTrack can be completed in the MyFastTrack mobile app, but easier and quicker. Update registration and banking details, create and manage syndicates, filter and search payment transactions, or view and download payment statements with a few simple taps.

The app has been designed with better workflows and filter screens and includes tips on how to use different features in the app.

Trainer Mark Giddings is one member of the MyFastTrack Pilot test group who put MyFastTrack through its paces, testing a live version of the app for several months.  He summed up the overall benefits of MyFastTrack very simply:

“Being on the road all the time racing, it makes it a hell of a lot easier!”

Another member of the group, trainer Darrell Leathan, said, “I like how simplified the process is for managing a greyhound, it just makes the job easier.”

On the mobile friendly design, trainer Lewis Greene said, “On the phone, FastTrack used to be really small so you needed a magnifying glass, but MyFastTrack fits onto the phone, it’s brilliant”.

Trainer, and ICG member, Terry Davis was particularly happy with the new main menu, saying, “I find it’s a lot quicker. I can go straight to where I want to without too much effort, it’s very simple with the icons down the bottom which take you straight to the area you want to go to.”

The MyFastTrack mobile app is free and available to download from Google Play or Apple’s App Store now. Download the app and see for yourself!

Access app help, lodge support enquiries or provide feedback direct from the app or by visiting

The dedicated MyFastTrack Support website offers FAQs, instructional videos, screenshots, and support and feedback contact details.

The current FastTrack Client Portal is still in operation, so you can keep using it as well if you choose to do so.

Greyhound Racing VictoriaGreyhound Racing Victoria

Greyhound Racing Victoria

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