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GRV CEO Welfare Award – Jodi Rechsteiner

Jodi and has been involved in the Greyhound Adoption Program since her first adoption in 2006. In 2012 she began fostering, and her dedication is illustrated by the fact that she has, to date, helped to prepare an incredible 97 greyhounds to their retirement through her fostering contribution.

On hearing of her award, Jodi was modest. “What an amazing surprise. I’m feeling really humble. Greyhounds been part of my life for many years. Everything I do with them I thoroughly enjoy.”

“When my son, who is now 16, was about eight months old I decided to get another dog. I can’t remember why I first thought of greyhounds. Back then they weren’t the fashion accessory they are now, but I did some research on GAP, went to Seymour, and adopted my first, a four-year old called Tassie.”

“People kept saying – you can’t get a greyhound! They’re vicious! They have to wear a muzzle! The times and memories we’ve had since then, though. They have such a kind, gentle nature.”

The dogs have been a big hit with Jodi’s children.

“I remember my second son’s favourite place to nap was on the couch with the dog, using the greyhound’s bottom as a pillow,” she said.

“I remember my second son’s favourite place to nap was on the couch with the dog, using the greyhound’s bottom as a pillow.”

The Royal Melbourne Show, where GAP has had a presence for many years, is Jodi Rechsteiner’s favourite event.

Jodi and her family are regular volunteers at the GAP’s most important community activity; the Royal Melbourne Show, plus other promotions when they can.

“My favourite activation is the Melbourne Show. Just getting the chance to talk to people and answer questions. I could have adopted my dogs out 20 times I reckon!”

Jodi works for GoTafe, where she won the 2019 Teacher/Trainer of the Year Award at the annual Victorian Training Awards. She also involves her GoTafe students in GAP by regularly taking them to GAP Seymour to assist in enrichment activities.

“The effect these dogs have with the kids is amazing. Some of the students have had a fairly rough time of it, but to see them walking the dogs, it really gives them confidence. The trickiest thing is taking 16 students up to Seymour for the day, and not coming back with 16 dogs as well!”

After 97 fosters, Jodi hasn’t finished yet. “I reckon we can crack the ton by Christmas. At the end, it’s all for the dogs.”

WATCH: Prolific greyhound foster carer and adopter Jodi Rechsteiner was recognised at the ‘virtual’ 2021 Victorian Greyhound Awards.


The GRV CEO Welfare Award acknowledges animal welfare as the sport’s key priority by recognising those who made an outstanding contribution to the welfare of greyhounds during the 2020-21 Racing Year.

Phillip WeirPhillip Weir

Phillip Weir

Phil has spent a lifetime working in the media. He has a keen interest in the history of the greyhound breed and is a foster carer for the Greyhound Adoption Program.

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