• Friday, 27 Aug, 2021,
  • by Greyhound Racing Victoria

GRV Chair statement on Board’s $5.3 million decision

GRV’s Board today decided to approve a substantial $5.3 million increase in prize money for the current financial year.

The decision will now go to participants for their views on the structure of the package. The feedback will be considered by the Board at its meeting on 14 September, when it decides on the final structure of the package to come into effect.

The participant engagement and consultation process is in line with the Board’s commitment to engage with participants before any final decision is made on the structure of the package.

The package is planned to come into effect from 1 October this year.

Board Chair Peita Duncan said: “The $5.3 million is a significant boost to participants in the running of their business and our racing calendar.

“I thank the Board for its decision and the input of the Greyhounds Owners, Trainers and Breeders Association (GOTBA) into our considerations.

“I now look forward to hearing from the participants on the range of options we will put to them from 1 September.

“I encourage all participants to take part in the survey so their voice can be heard by the Board and support a well-informed decision at its meeting on 14 September.

“We will announce the decision as soon as possible after the meeting.”

WATCH: GRV Chair Peita Duncan announces an increase for Victorian greyhound racing.

Greyhound Racing VictoriaGreyhound Racing Victoria

Greyhound Racing Victoria

GRV regulates the sport of greyhound racing in the state of Victoria under the Racing Act 1958 (Act), which includes setting standards and ensuring they are met by participants.

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