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Code of practice now in effect

The Victorian Government’s Code of Practice for the Keeping of Racing Greyhounds is now in effect as from 1 January 2020.

GRV has already received a large number of Establishment Health Management Plan (EHMP) declarations from participants and we thank those who have completed them.

GRV understands that some participants, especially those in the East Gippsland region are currently dealing with bushfire issues but now that the Code is operational, its important at this time to make sure all participants are aware of their Code obligations.

There is no need to panic if you have not familiarised yourself with the Code of Practice or completed your EHMP yet, GRV are keen to support you.

The best place to start is by reading the actual Code of Practice for the Keeping of Racing Greyhounds at:

If you would prefer a hard copy of the Code of Practice your local club have hard copies on hand.

Once you have familiarised yourself with the Code of Practice you can start on your Establishment Health Management Plan (EHMP).

The EHMP is a document required by the Code that contains protocols to describe how you complete your greyhound activities and manage your establishment. You can either use the prewritten GRV protocol template (14 of which will require vet sign off) or you can write your own.

Here is a link to the online Establishment Health Management Plan (EHMP).

If you are unable to print and would prefer a hard copy of the EHMP, your local club will have hard copies on hand.

Once you have completed your EHMP and had a vet sign off the necessary protocols, you will need to submit your online declaration that the EHMP is complete and has been signed off by a vet. This will only take a couple of minutes.

You do not need to submit your EHMP to GRV.

The online declaration form can be found here.

Greyhound Records will now need to be kept for all greyhounds on your establishment, except for those that are retired pets.

GRV encourages you to use FastTrack to complete your Greyhound Records, which can be accessed through MyDogs (Actions/Greyhound Record). While GRV have produced a hard copy template Greyhound Record which can be used instead, you may keep greyhound records in any way that suits, provided you keep all of the information required by the Code in a way that can be passed on with the greyhound if it leaves your care.

Greyhound Record template

GRV are here to support participants comply with the Code of Practice, so if you need more information, visit the Code of Practice webpage.

Alternatively, you can call the Code Support Line on 1300 144 360.

The content on this page was accurate at the time of publishing. If you notice any inaccurate content on this page or anywhere on the website, please report it here

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