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Awesome Project ruled out of Australian Cup

At its meeting on Tuesday 24 February, the Board of Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) resolved to amend existing local racing rules and introduce a new rule that prohibits the transfer of greyhounds from suspended persons to registered persons residing at the same property.

The GRV Board amended Local Racing Rule LRR 11.7 and introduced LRR 11.8 specifically addressing the situation that allowed suspended persons to transfer greyhounds to another registered person living at the same property.

Those amendments to the Local Racing Rules were published in the Government Gazette today and came into effect at 9am.

The Board today resolved that in accordance with LRR 11.8 that the transfer of greyhounds from suspended person D McDonald to J Gane on or after the 14th February 2015 are voided.

As a consequence, those greyhounds engaged to compete in an event have been withdrawn by Stewards from their respective races. Therefore;

  • Urban Cargo is ineligible to compete in Race 5 at Geelong on Friday 27 February 2015.
  • Awesome Project is ineligible to compete in Race 11 at The Meadows on Saturday 28 February 2015.


Greyhound Racing Rules


Please find below the Greyhound Racing Rules referred to in the above statement. For the full Rulebook please refer to the following link:


LRR 11.7

No registered person may train, keep (unless retired as a pet) or race any greyhounds at any property or premises which are deemed by the Board as being the Greyhound Training Property of:

a)      a person who has had their registration ceased as a result of having been Disqualified, Warned Off, Suspended or declared to be a Defaulter for a breach or potential breach of the GARs or the Rules.  For the avoidance of doubt the registered person and the person who has had their registration ceased need not be the same person.

LRR 11.8

No person who is Disqualified, Warned Off, Suspended, declared to be a Defaulter or otherwise directed by the Board as falling within this Rule as a result of unacceptable conduct by that person, shall be permitted to transfer any ownership of any greyhound they own, or any training responsibilities for any greyhound they train, to any other person who resided with them at or about the time of the offence the subject of the Disqualification, Warning Off, Suspension, declaration of Default or direction of the Board.  Any transfer that may have occurred in breach of this Rule, whether before or after the introduction of this Rule, may be voided by the Board.

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