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Update on Suspensions

Update on suspended greyhounds

Saturday 21 February

GRV wishes to clarify its statement made last night regarding the suspensions of greyhounds.

On advice from the Racing Integrity Commissioner on Tuesday 17 February the Board of GRV immediately suspended greyhounds owned or trained by registered persons previously suspended by the board on Friday 13 February in relation to live baiting allegations.

Subsequently, upon receipt of further legal advice  the GRV board has resolved if the owners of the suspended greyhounds provide a statutory declaration stating that, having made reasonable inquiries, they are not aware of their greyhound having been trained using live bait the greyhound’s suspension will be lifted.

If further evidence is received regarding any particular greyhound having been trained using these illegal methods the suspension of that greyhound may be reinstated.

The 15 suspended trainers identified in the video footage remain suspended as the investigation continues.

GRV Chairman Peter Caillard said, “This situation is incredibly complex. We are working within the constraints of the law to do what we can to prevent those associated with the live baiting allegations from taking part in the sport any further. Importantly, this latest resolution is founded upon a presumption of innocence on the part of the owners.”

Friday 20 February

In accordance with advice received from the Racing Integrity Commissioner, Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) acted promptly to suspend greyhounds trained by persons alleged to have engaged in the practice of live baiting, pending an inquiry by the Stewards.

The Board of GRV yesterday received a report from the Chief Steward in relation to the progress of that inquiry.

Following receipt of that information, the Board has resolved to lift the suspensions provided that it receives a statutory declaration from the owner stating that, having made reasonable inquiries, they are not aware of the relevant greyhound having been trained using live baiting.

Needless to say, the suspension may be reinstated if subsequent evidence has been received that the greyhound has been trained in such a manner.

Suspensions under this Board resolution will be lifted in relation to greyhounds only. The 15 alleged offenders suspended by GRV in relation to live baiting offences remain suspended.

Update on suspended persons

Greyhound Racing Victoria refers to its Media Statement yesterday titled “Update: Suspended Persons”  in which it was stated that the Board resolved to suspend the registrations of an additional five persons for alleged live baiting offences at the Tooradin Trial Track. The five alleged offenders are; Kenneth Hodges, Brett Mackie, James Reynolds, Jon Roberts and Eric Sykes.

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