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Compression Suits and Thunder Jackets Approved for Use

Made famous by the performance animal go to girl Black Caviar and now approved for use in greyhound racing, the Hidez Compression Suit and Thunder Jacket highlight a new level of professionalism in training.

The use of Hidez Compression Suits for greyhounds has been approved by the GRV Stewards and as of December 1 2014 their use has been permitted.

The compression suits have been designed to assist with recovery with the compression on the muscles said to improve blood flow from the muscles to the heart therefore circulating more oxygen through the muscles to assist with recovery. The company’s website also states that it benefits greyhounds when they travel.

The thunder jacket is designed to decrease anxiety in animals. As reported on a manufacturer’s website, thunder jackets are the most effective anxiety solution for dogs as voted by veterinarians.

Further details about the changes can be found below:

Policy for use on Race Day beginning 1 December 2014


After a request from the GOTBA for members to use the Hidez Compression Suit and Thunder Jacket products Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) Stewards Department has conducted trials with the aforementioned products under race day conditions.

After trialling, Stewards have approved the race day use of the Hidez Compression Suit and Thunder Jacket with the following conditions:

A trainer wishing to use the products should trial it on their greyhound prior to race day.

  • A trainer choosing to use the products during travel on a hot day should monitor their greyhound closely to ensure it does not affect its ability to cool down.
  • The products are not to be worn during the kennelling process (weighing and vetting) and must be removed prior to entering the kennelling area.
  • The products may be fitted to the greyhound after weighing.
  • The product is to be removed from the greyhound when it is retrieved from the kennels prior to its event.
  • The product must be size appropriate to the greyhound.
  • The products are not to be placed on the greyhound after the event until it has left the kennels / course and cooled down appropriately.
  • The use of imitation products is not recommended as there is a risk that they may be made of different materials which may place the greyhound at risk.

Therefore, Trainers / Attendants will be permitted to use their own Hidez Compression Suit or Thunder Jacket whilst their greyhound is kennelled. The decision of whether or not to use a Hidez Compression Suit or Thunder Jacket will rest solely with the Trainer / Attendant, who will also be responsible for the product at all times.

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