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Ballarat, Sportsbet raise funds for men’s mental health

Ballarat Greyhound Racing Club recently teamed up with Sportsbet to raise $6,600 for a local mental health organisation.

Throughout the month of August up until Father’s Day, every time a greyhound wearing the blue number four rug won a race at Ballarat, $300 was raised for Ballarat Men’s Mental Health (BMMH), with the Ballarat GRC donating $50 and Sportsbet $250.

A total of 22 number four dogs won during the period.

Founded in 2019, BMMH has been delivering counselling and support to men between the ages of 25 and 60 who are grappling with mental health issues in the Ballarat region.

Driven by the ethos of early mental health intervention, BMMH offers face-to-face and telephone services within a supportive, male-friendly environment. Positioning itself as a community-wide service, BMMH extends its support not just to the individuals they engage with but also their families, friends and colleagues.

WATCH: The aptly named Mr. Blue won at Ballarat in the blue number four rug on 28 August.

Andrew McPherson, Chair of BMMH, said: “Within the Ballarat region, the prevalence of mental health issues and alarmingly high suicide rates have encouraged BMMH to take proactive measures.

“Organisations like the Ballarat Greyhound Racing Club provide an opportunity to engage with men who might not otherwise seek help. These organisations allow us to have casual conversations within a welcoming setting, enabling us to introduce ourselves and open the avenues of communication.

“Through the cultivation of social bonds, we can break down the barriers that prevent men from addressing their mental wellbeing.”Jodie Faralla, General Manager of Ballarat GRC, proudly supports the club’s alignment with BMMH.

“One of my male family members has faced mental health challenges, and I’ve witnessed firsthand how organisations like BMMH can provide invaluable support not just to those grappling with mental health but also to their families,” she said.

A Father’s Day event was held at the Ballarat GRC which included a fundraising raffle and pool competition among other family-friendly activities.


Date Race Winner’s Name Ballarat GRC Sportsbet Total
2-Aug 3 Lizzy Milici $50 $250 $300
2-Aug 4 Funny Old Fellow $50 $250 $600
2-Aug 9 Garcia Bale $50 $250 $900
5-Aug 7 Desmonde $50 $250 $1,200
7-Aug 4 Summer Lovin’ $50 $250 $1,500
9-Aug 2 Minty Box $50 $250 $1,800
9-Aug 4 Dimora Cruz $50 $250 $2,100
12-Aug 3 Super Tone $50 $250 $2,400
12-Aug 4 Hailey Lainey $50 $250 $2,700
14-Aug 11 Alphy Fernando $50 $250 $3,000
16-Aug 1 All Talent $50 $250 $3,300
16-Aug 3 Mepunga Mustang $50 $250 $3,600
16-Aug 8 Alpha Zulu $50 $250 $3,900
19-Aug 8 Flower Soured $50 $250 $4,200
21-Aug 4 Mills for Three $50 $250 $4,500
21-Aug 6 Hail Zeus $50 $250 $4,800
24-Aug 1 Shima Lite $50 $250 $5,100
26-Aug 3 Urana Zoom $50 $250 $5,400
26-Aug 12 Jagger’s Lady $50 $250 $5,700
28-Aug 10 Mr. Blue $50 $250 $6,000
30-Aug 8 Slingshot Snoop $50 $250 $6,300
3-Sep 3 Moraine Mia $50 $250 $6,600
TOTAL $1,100 $5,500 $6,600
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