• Tuesday, 21 Feb, 2023,
  • by Peter Quilty

‘Brilliant’ idea!

Club manager Justin Brilliant has divulged the logic behind this afternoon’s full card (12 races) over 485 metres at Horsham.

The concept met with some negativity from participants but “necessity is the mother of invention”.

Regardless, Brilliant and GRV assistant racing manager Brad Munro – orchestrators of the innovative notion – are sticking fat.

Furthermore, the proof is in the pudding as the meeting attracted 113 nominations for 11 races (excluding the CHS Group final where re-nomination wasn’t required) – more than the club’s average entries for the past few months, according to Brilliant.

“We were forced into the decision as the crane at the 410-metre boxes is being replaced with drive-on boxes,” Brilliant said. “So, in reality, it was an opportunity that presented itself.

“A lot of people were dubious, but I think we’ve proved if we had a few different options the idea could work.”

“However, Brad and I put a lot of time into the structure of the meeting so we could hopefully maximise nominations.”

Brilliant was reluctant to be drawn into debate with the ‘doubting Thomases’, but it’s obvious the detractors have been silenced.

“A lot of people were dubious, but I think we’ve proved if we had a few different options the idea could work,” he said.

They say, “the greatest risk to take is to take no risk at all” and both Brilliant and Munro’s “nothing ventured, nothing gained” attitude has paid off in spades.

The meeting is highlighted by the appearance of 2022 Horsham GOTY Zigzag Cabang in the CHS Group final – Race 8, 5.34pm – which carries a $4020 first prize.

And Money Owes, which finished third in last month’s G2 Warragul Cup, contests the Horsham Doors & Glass FFA – Race 7, 5.14pm – also worth $4020 to the winner.

Zigzag Cabang and Money Owes – both bred-owned-trained by Greg Berry at Toolleen – are Feb ’20 Beast Unleashed x Stars And Lights litter brothers.

Well done to Brilliant and Munro who “took the bull by the horns” and “weren’t going to die wondering”.

“I’ve spoken to the racing department and we’re now looking at running this type of program on a quarterly or biannual basis,” Brilliant said. “It’s a point of difference.”

Peter QuiltyPeter Quilty

Peter Quilty

Peter Quilty has more than three decades of experience as assistant editor of Victorian Greyhound Weekly. He was editor of GRV monthly magazine The Adviser (2001-09) and owner/publisher of Australian Greyhound Monthly. He also served on the selection panel for the inaugural GRV ‘Hall of Fame’ inductees and for several years was an adjudicator on the Victorian GOTY. He’s also published greyhound racing yearbooks and wrote the ‘Bold Trease’ video script.

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