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  • by Molly Haines

Peter Galo and Myrniong And All to represent the Big V

Garry Selkrig could potentially be $35,000 richer on Sunday when Peter Galo lines up in the National Straight Track Championship after winning the state final today.

Peter Galo received a dream run from box seven stopping the clock in a time of 19.09sec over the 350 metre distance.

“Peter Galo has never been beaten without being injured,” trainer Garry Selkrig said.

“I just don’t think when the dog is right, he can be beaten up the straight.”

Myrniong And All, who is trained by Anthony Azzopardi finished second to qualify for the National Straight Track Championship from box five.

WATCH: Peter Galo (B7) and Myrniong And All (B5) in the Victorian State Final of the Straight Track Championship.

Peter Galo has dawn box five in the National Straight Track Final which will be run on Sunday August 18 at Healesville.

“He is going to need a bit of luck but from what I have seen, the dog in box four (Hot Chevy) will likely head in towards the fence which should open the race up for Peter Galo,” Garry said.

Garry was quick to point out the possibility of earning upwards of $90,000 in the next month up the straight thanks to the Straight Track Championship and the Healesville Cup which has recently received a prize money increase to from $25,000 to-the-winner to $47,000 to-the-winner.

“I love seeing straight track racing, I want to see more straight tracks everywhere,” Garry Said.

“Instead of Victoria holding it again in a couple of years’ time it would be great to see NSW and WA get on board to build a straight of their own and join in this great series.”

“Peter Galo is an injury prone greyhound and without Healesville I don’t think he would have been able to have a successful racing career around the circle.”

Three exhibition trials where held at Healesville before the first race today to give interstate greyhounds the chance to see the track for the first time.

Queensland representative Dusty’s Charlie was the first of the exhibition trials. Being his first time at Healesville and familiar with a drag style lure system, Dusty’s Charlie turned around and ran back to the boxes and didn’t complete his trial.

Trainer Peter Furbank will bring Dusty’s Charlie back to Healesville on Wednesday to trial for the second time.

Stewards will follow up on the performance of the greyhound in the trial and advise the public of the outcome.

“The decision to run the greyhound in the National Straight Track Championship on Sunday 18 August will be made in the best interest of greyhound racing and subsequent to the outcome of the trial, pursuant to GAR 20(4)(b),” said Steward in Charge Ron Matthews in the Stewards report.

WATCH: Hollow Words (QLD) in his exhibition trial, stopping the clock in a time of 19.87sec.

WATCH: Fantastic Axel (SA) in his exhibition trial, stopping the clock in a time of 19.45sec.

Molly HainesMolly Haines

Molly Haines

Communication Assistant at Greyhound Racing Victoria with 16 years of experience working with greyhounds in all capacities.

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