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Minimum bet limits

Following consultation with Wagering Service Providers (WSP), punters, participants and other stakeholders, GRV will introduce new rules regarding minimum bet limits for GRV-approved WSPs from 1 August 2018.

All approved WSPs will be required to accept a fixed-odds bet at odds that are publicly displayed by the WSP for Victorian greyhound races, according to the limits set out below:

  • Metropolitan Victorian Greyhound Races – In any one Win bet: to lose $750
  • Non-metropolitan Victorian Greyhound Races – In any one Win bet: to lose $500


The rules, which are part of GRV’s revised Conditions on Publication and Use of GRV Race Fields, will mean that approved WSPs cannot refuse a fixed-odds bet, close a person’s account or lay lesser odds than the displayed odds. The conditions apply to Win bets only and punters who live in Australia.

Various racing authorities across Australia already have minimum bet conditions or are in the process of introducing them, however GRV is the first Australian greyhound racing authority to implement minimum bet conditions for WSPs.

The policy and a full list of conditions and exclusions are available on our Wagering page at


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