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No magic here

Buckley trainer Ian Cockerell says six of his greyhounds would have been racing in New Zealand or retired if it wasn’t for the Finish on Lure (FOL) at Geelong.

“I wasn’t always a believer in the Finish on Lure system, but we had nothing to lose by trying with our Barcia Bale x Bathilda Bagshot litter and it has turned out to be our saviour,” Ian Cockerell said.

Gregorovitch, who is one of the Barcia Bale x Bathilda Bagshot litter booked to fly to New Zealand following two marring offences, is just one example of what the FOL has done for this litter.

Cockerell understands that the FOL isn’t for everyone but urges anyone who has a dog that isn’t chasing 100 percent to try the system, but it isn’t as simple as just nominating.

“You can’t just throw a greyhound in a Finish on Lure race without preparing it because it is a different type of racing,” Cockerell said.

Cockerell believes that moving forward we need three types of racing to get the best out of our greyhounds; Traditional (Catching Pen races), Coursing and Finish on Lure.

“There was six weeks of preparation to get Gregorovitch to the Horsham Cup heats,” Cockerell Said.

“The reward at the end of a race is why I think the Finish on Lure has helped Gregorovitch and the rest of his litter. I’m not saying that the finish on has solved my problems at all, but there is no doubt it is the reason I still have Gregorovitch in the kennels.”

In the 2018 Horsham Cup series, Gregorovitch finished second in his heat and gained a start as a reserve in the Cup where he finished third – a $6,650 reward for effort.

Cockerell shares his suggested steps in targeting feature races with ‘iffy’ greyhounds, using the program he planned for Gregorovitch in the lead up to the Horsham Cup.

Cockerell stresses the importance of returning to the FOL system regularly for greyhounds like Gregorovitch. Having made the mistake heading straight to Sandown following the Horsham Cup series and receiving a 28 day stand down for failing to pursue the lure with due commitment.

“The introduction of the Finish in Lure to the Inside track is something that I am really eager for. Gregorovitch doesn’t perform on the circle tracks (Sandown) but can run 500 and I think it’s because he knows he is going into the Catching Pen.”

“Racing Gregorovitch on the inside track will hopefully mean I can start targeting races in the city with him.”

“I am not saying that the Finish on Lure should be at every track – I don’t think that is the case at all, but I do think that giving trainers options in Victoria will mean dogs will stay here,” Cockerell said.

Cockerell’s steps to targeting feature races using the FOL

Finish on lure

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