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2017 GRV Welfare Award: Narelle & Kevin Podmore

Greyhound trainers Narelle and Kevin Podmore received the GRV Welfare Award at tonight’s 2016/17 Victorian Greyhound Awards at the Sandown Greyhound Racing Club.

First presented in 2016, the GRV Welfare Award recognises outstanding contribution to the welfare of greyhounds as adjudged by GRV’s Board of Directors.

A husband and wife team, the Podmores have a strong focus on the welfare of their greyhounds from birth to racing, through to retirement. Once their greyhounds retire from racing the family spends a long period of time socialising them to get them ready for re-homing. They have so far placed a remarkable 37 greyhounds through the Greyhound Adoption Program.

“We are very humbled to have received this award as the work that we do with greyhounds is something that we do for the love of our greyhounds not and for anything else,” Narelle said. “It is not something that you expect to receive an award for as it is just part of our everyday life.”

“If I could I would keep them all,” Narelle said. “If we have a litter of pups or purchase a greyhound it is no different to having children. It is a commitment to make sure they go through their racing life, then retire to sit on a lounge and become the couch potato they deserve to be.”

“There is nothing better than to receive an email or a photo of one of the greyhounds that we have re-homed and to hear how they are going and how they have bought enjoyment to someone’s life. I feel privileged as this happens regularly. It puts a smile on your face and makes your day.”

While the Podmores were unable to attend on the night, their award was accepted on their behalf by Ray Bartolo, a member of Greyhound Racing Victoria’s Welfare Committee.

Other finalists for the 2016/17 GRV Welfare Award were:

Pam Priestley: Has fostered 30 greyhounds for the Greyhound Adoption Program over the past seven years and is a regular volunteer at events at which GAP attends.

Ivanhoe Diamond Valley Group: An organisation that cares for the intellectually disabled which travels from Melbourne to the Greyhound Adoption Program in Seymour every Thursday to volunteer their time to assist with the maintenance and care of the greyhounds.

2016/17 Victorian Greyhound Awards

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