• Monday, 07 Aug, 2017,
  • by Greyhound Racing Victoria

Bendigo Adoption Day postponed due to kennel cough at GAP Seymour

GAP Seymour will remain closed until further notice as a precautionary measure after a number of dogs were discovered with kennel cough.

The decision to temporarily close Seymour GAP, following veterinary advice, will also impact the Bendigo Adoption Day which was scheduled for August 13.

The Bendigo Adoption Day has now been rescheduled to Sunday, August 27, pending no further cases of kennel cough at Seymour.

Kennel cough is similar to the common cold in humans and most dogs recover within a few weeks.

No new dogs will be accepted into GAP Seymour during this period but intakes will continue at GAP Mt Mercer.

No dogs can leave GAP Seymour until completion of quarantine.

However, a restricted number of greyhounds will be available at Baxter during the temporary closure.

GAP pre-entry assessments August 14 and August 15 will be rescheduled and no GAP adoption dogs will be made available for RSPCA.

No collar assessments will be accepted at GAP Seymour but the Pilot GreenGreys assessment at Baxter on Thursday, August 10 will proceed.

Volunteers and the public will not have access to GAP Seymour during the closure.

The temporary GAP Seymour closure follows a recent spike in kennel cough across the Victorian greyhound racing industry.

Prevention is largely reliant on regular annual vaccination and good kennel management.

Participants who suspect a greyhound of having kennel cough should immediately isolate the greyhound, disinfect their kennels, and contact their veterinarian for advice on treatment and vaccination.

Individual immunity to the disease can be maximised by maintaining a regular program of vaccinations in all dogs, from puppy through to adulthood.

Kennel cough is a complex disease caused by various combinations of viruses and bacteria, so vaccination may not always prevent the disease. However, vaccination will minimise the severity of symptoms in most cases.

GRV recommends that all participants speak to their veterinarian as soon as possible about preventative measures, including vaccination, to decrease the spread of the current outbreak of this disease.

Further information on Kennel Cough, click here



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