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New Format for Victorian Greyhound Qualifying Trials


Qualifying Trial meetings for Victorian greyhound racing will now be conducted under full race conditions. Following consultation with participants, Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) Stewards and a full complement of club staff will now manage all Qualifying Trial meetings.

Under the new format, all greyhounds will undergo the full race day kennelling procedure with vet examinations, weighing and recording of handler information. Kennelling will start 75 minutes before the first trial and close 30 minutes before the first trial, identification cards and weights cards will need to be produced and weight variance rules will apply.

Greyhounds presented at Qualifying Trial meetings will be subject to normal sampling procedures before and after racing and stewards will enforce greyhound racing offences such as marring and failing to chase with applicable penalties.

Qualifying Trials with 5 to 6 greyhounds each will continue to be run one after another approximately every 5 minutes with Handlers and Catchers required in regular race day dress code.

A minimum of 20 nominations will required to conduct a Qualifying Trial Meeting, with greyhounds progressing to a full stakes final. Qualifying Trial Meetings will be capped at a total of 96 greyhounds and scratchings will incur a 10 day stand-down penalty.

All Qualifying Trials will be will recorded by the on course vision supplier and uploaded to Fast Track and Steward Reports will be completed for each Qualifying Trial.

Upcoming Qualifying Trial Meetings
Monday 20 June – 6:00pm start. Then on the second Monday of each month beginning July 2016.
Saturday 25 June – 9:30am start. Then on the last Saturday of each month beginning July 2016.

GRV’s Racing Operations Team will continue to monitor the demand for Qualifying Trial Meetings and program future trials accordingly.

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