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VIDEO: Race Day Kennelling of Greyhounds a Streamlined Professionalism

Have you ever wondered what greyhounds experience when they arrive at the track on race days? This is something that many people – other than those in the inner sanctum – would not ever think about.

All greyhounds go through a kennelling process when they arrive at the track for a race, which is a unique procedure.

Kennelling is open for a period of 45 minutes, during which time up to 96 greyhounds are all identified, weighed, checked over by the on-course Vet and then allocated a kennel where they can relax before their race. This is an extremely streamlined process.

Veterinarian Dr. Steven Karamatic said the routine vet checks are undertaken for precautionary reasons.

“Essentially we are just making sure that all greyhounds are fit to compete when they are presented for racing.”

“We check for any signs of illness or injury. We have a set routine including checking the toes and the pads for any pain or discomfort upon flexion and extension of the joints,” Dr. Karamatic said.

Trainers and handlers are required to return to the kennel block to retrieve their greyhound 20 minutes before its race, at which point the dogs are identified once more, dressed in their race rug and prepared for their race.

WATCH: The kennelling procedure at Victorian greyhound racetracks.

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