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Compliance Team Coming to Warragul GRC on Monday Evening

In need of advice on issues regarding local council, the code of practice, kennel construction or neighbour complaints?
Greyhound Racing Victoria is encouraging breeders and trainers to attend the Warragul Greyhound Racing Club on Monday evening 24 November to tap into the knowledge of GRV’s Compliance & Education team in relation to the abovementioned items.

GRV’s Greyhound Welfare Manager, Dr Linda Beer, said “Our team are here to help all participants regardless of how long they have been in the industry, or how large or small their operation is.”

“Compliance and Education team members Adam Evans and Fiona Currie have both worked for council in the past, so they understand how things work from ‘the other side of the fence’.

Although part of their role is to ensure properties meet or exceed the minimum standards of housing and care, most of their time is spent helping liaise with council on behalf of our many participants when complaints come in.”

The C & E team works feverishly to help industry participants deal with issues, such as greyhound trainer Ray Floyd and his wife Jenny of Cobains, who in recent months received assistance from Evans to obtain a planning permit.

“We needed a permit to have more than five greyhounds on our property. It was a really stressful period as we had six dogs at the time, and Adam was very reassuring and told us not to panic. He assisted us in dealing with our local council and helped us get the permit across the line,” Jenny said.

Based on that experience, Jenny is encouraging people to attend the Roadshows so they can make the most of the assistance that is on offer.

“Adam has really good people management skills and I’d recommend that anyone with any issues at all to do with council or permits to go along to the Roadshows. There’s no need to be afraid because, if they are anything like Adam, they are there to help,” she said.

The Roadshows provide an opportunity for GRV members to confidentially discuss any issues or concerns they may have in regards to things such as kennel construction, the Code of Practice, council permits and dealing with council and neighbour complaints.

There will also be some discussion of planning for emergencies, which is very pertinent coming into the summer fire season.

“We encourage members to come along and speak to us in a confidential environment, safe in the knowledge that we are on your side,” Dr Beer said.

The first Roadshow will take place at Warragul later this month.

Information Roadshows to Kick Off at Warragul

Warragul GRC

When: Monday 24 November from 6:00pm

What to expect: The Roadshows provide a wonderful opportunity to receive advice from experienced, trained people in a friendly environment, so why not take advantage of their expertise just like the people below? Please note this is not a race night.

Members share their personal experiences in dealing with GRV’s Compliance & Education Team…

Breeder Faye Ridis (Mickleham Lodge):
One of my neighbours was spreading false allegations against me in my neighbourhood, saying I had a history of issues with the RSPCA, which was completely false. A petition had started against me that was founded on lies, so when I threatened legal action for defamation the neighbour said he’d withdraw his complaint if he toured my property and spoke to someone from GRV who could verify that my property complied with industry expectations. (GRV’s) Adam (Evans) came out and spoke to my neighbour and within 48 hours the neighbour had withdrawn his complaint, so Adam was a huge help.”

Trainer Ken Howat (Rockbank):
“I recently obtained my trainer’s license and, despite being on 168 acres, I need a council permit to  have more than five greyhounds. I have spoken to my local council who have told me I need to provide them with photos, a map of the property and a sound audit among other things in order to get a permit, so I was about to put it in the ‘too hard basket’. Then I was at a trainer’s seminar at GRV where I spoke to Fiona (Currie) from the Compliance team, who advised me that because the property has been used as a greyhound facility for more than 15 years (with the previous owner of the property) I should be granted an exception from the council with regard to getting a permit.  I sought a statutory declaration from the previous owner, and Fiona has been bending over backwards in assisting me through the whole process.”
Trainer John Chapple (Melton):
“We moved into our 10 acre property in August last year and have had ongoing issues trying to get a permit for 50 greyhounds. We have spent $120,000 in transforming the property into a state-of-the-art greyhound facility, and it has been frustrating. Adam has come out to visit us on a number of occasions to assist us with our case, which at the present time is headed for VCAT. I have found him particularly helpful in a difficult situation.”
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