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Fines Introduced For Lax Retirement Reporting

Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) will become the first greyhound racing authority in Australia to monitor unnamed greyhounds that are inactive within the sport from July 1 2014 and will institute a late lodgement fee for members that are non-compliant with their retirement reporting.

From 1 July 2014, GRV will institute a late lodgement fee if a retirement has not been completed for a named greyhound and the greyhound has been identified as inactive in the racing industry for over six months. This will apply to all greyhounds born on or after 1 January 2011. Members will be given prior notice if their greyhounds fall into this category and will be encouraged to complete a retirement form if the greyhound is no longer a racing prospect.

The late lodgement fee for unnamed greyhounds will be introduced on 1 January 2015.

Although retirement reporting has been a requirement under the rules of racing for several years (GAR 106), GRV has focussed on educating participants in regards to their responsibilities. There will now be an even greater focus on enforcing these requirements as the organisation has become much better equipped and resourced to track all greyhounds.

General Manager – Integrity, Racing and Welfare at GRV, Glen Canty, said this was an important step in the being able to accurately monitor all greyhounds within the racing industry.

“We are very serious about the welfare of the greyhound at GRV and will be enforcing a number of stringent reporting measures for those participants that aren’t complying with our greyhound retirement policy,” Mr Canty said.

“The five-year Strategic Plan identified Greyhound Welfare as one of the most important areas to address and we at GRV see the appropriate and timely reporting of retirements as one of the main regulatory changes that needed to be introduced to increase the accountability of its members.

“GRV is unwavering in its desire to improve all greyhound welfare practices and that’s why we are putting systems in place to track every greyhound through its life with quantifiable statistics to assist with the determination of further strategies to address welfare matters.

“We have the ambitious and achievable objective to decrease the number of healthy greyhounds that are euthanised by 40 per cent over the next five years in addition to increasing the quality of litters bred in the state, leading to 70 per cent of all greyhounds bred making it to the track.”

Members can both view and retire their greyhounds via GRV’s data and operations portal, FastTrack, via the ‘My Dogs’ tab. Given that GRV is about to commence following up unnamed greyhounds that have fallen inactive, it is important for participants to ensure that any unnamed greyhounds that have  been sold or are with new owners are correctly transferred otherwise members risk being fined for non-compliance as the last registered owner. There is no fee attached to the transfers of unnamed greyhounds.

GRV take the issue of greyhound welfare very seriously and will not tolerate improper reporting of a greyhound’s whereabouts. This is a major undertaking for GRV and its Integrity, Racing and Welfare Department.

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