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The new kennelling process was carried out at eight clubs over the long weekend.  The process is proving to be much smoother as club operators and Stewards become more familiar with the new technology.  Evidently, arriving at kennelling 10 to 15 minutes earlier has definitely assisted with the process and trainers are encouraged to keep doing this while staff become acquainted with the changes. GRV would like to thank trainers and handlers for continuing to put in extra effort to help with these changes during the transition process.

Also, as of today GRV will be opening kennelling 15 minutes earlier than normal. This means kennelling will open 90 minutes before the first race rather than the traditional 75 minutes. This trial will run until Sunday 9 February, when it will be re-assessed.

Friday 25 January, 2013

GRV is continuing to roll out the new Kennelling process to all clubs.  Given the extreme heat had not reached Geelong when kennelling commenced yesterday, the new kennelling process was trialled.  Whilst there were slight delays at times, all those in the queue were accommodated within the air-conditioned kennel block at all times.  Once again GRV thanks all participants for their continued patience.

GRV will continue to monitor the weather conditions over the course of the week and in the case of extreme heat, there will be workarounds in place to minimise any delays.  Participants can assist by arriving 10 to 15 minutes earlier for kennelling.  This is proving to help with the flow of traffic as Club staff and Stewards become familiar with the new technology.

Wednesday 23 January, 2013

Kennelling at some race meetings this week has been a little slow – as may be expected with a new process – however it is necessary to conduct live simulations on-track to iron out communications, technology and process issues.

At The Meadows today, the new process performed well and kennelling ran smoothly, as opposed to some of the other meetings this week.

Also, as a result of feedback from industry participants, tomorrow

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