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Grading Guidelines


The following grading guidelines are provided for the information of owners and trainers. The guidelines are used by GRV Graders for the grading of race fields at race meetings.

These grading guidelines form the basis under which Victorian race fields shall be produced. While the GRV Graders are required to adhere to the grading guidelines when preparing race fields, they have also been granted flexibility and ultimate discretion with the preparation of race fields.

From time to time, various circumstances may prevent the GRV Grader from adhering to the grading guidelines. These include:

  • The overall number of nominations received for the meeting;
  • The number of nominations received for different grades and distances for the meeting;
  • The number of events to be conducted at the meeting for different grades and distances;
  • The race form of greyhounds nominated for the meeting; and
  • The events programmed by the Club for the meeting.

Please note that all race fields for all race meetings shall be graded in accordance with the guidelines set out in this policy.

Click here for a copy of the Grading Guidelines as at 26/05/13