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Last Updated: 28 November 2018 02:16:44 PM

How Do I Transport My Greyhound?

Your greyhound may have to be transported to and from a variety of different places during its puppy life. Moving from the Breeder’s property to the rearing farm, to the breaking in facility, pre-trainer’s, or even just to the veterinarian’s for a check up.

There are a number of companies that specialise in animal transportation however, provided you have a reliable vehicle, with air-conditioning if travelling on a warm day, transporting your greyhound yourself is usually the best option.  Make sure that you have a comfortable bed or mat for the greyhound to travel on, and that you make regular ‘toilet’ stops.  Having the greyhound restrained within the vehicle – i.e. behind a cargo barrier – prevents the animal from moving around, and protects it from injury if you have to brake suddenly.


Click here to see GRV’s Transport policy

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