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Animal Welfare

The welfare of greyhounds is GRV’s first and overriding priority, on and off the track and during all stages of a greyhound’s life from birth to retirement.

GRV’s General Manager for Greyhound Welfare and Re-homing, Dr Gavin Goble, is a senior veterinarian with many years of experience in greyhound racing and senior management positions in various animal-based organisations.

He leads a team of highly motivated greyhound-centric people who are focused on six key areas:

  1. Re-homing: management of the highly successful Greyhound Adoption Program and other related initiatives such as working with other re-homing organisations
  2. Education: provision of education, training and advice for participants
  3. Strategy and Policy: development of a ‘Whole of Life’ welfare strategy which will deliver animal welfare policies, programs and projects for the industry
  4. Greyhound Microchip Registry: provision of Australia’s dedicated greyhound microchip registry offering full registry services to all greyhound owners
  5. Research: driving research and data analysis on all aspects of greyhound welfare
  6. Veterinary Support: investigation of how GRV can support participants’ access to first class veterinary care both on and off the track

All functions are data and evidence-based and significant efforts are being put into collecting and analysing data on greyhounds through their entire life cycle.

For more information on Greyhound Care, click here.

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