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Career Opportunities

At GRV we are always on the lookout for capable candidates to join our team.


If you wish to work with GRV, please email with your up to date CV for our records or follow GRV on LinkedIn HERE to find out more about upcoming job opportunities.

Employment Areas

Racing Operations
Racing Operations

The Racing Operations department facilitates and manages the participation in the sport of greyhound racing in Victoria. This includes ownership, trainers and breeding.

GRV schedules all the race meetings across Victoria in conjunction with corporate partners and its 13 race clubs.


The Racing Operations department incorporates many different aspects of the business including the registrations, scheduling of race meetings, nominations, grading the races and scratchings. The racing operations department is also involved in special projects that aim at maximising ownership opportunities and increase participation in the sport.

Constrution and Building Maintenance
Constrution and Building Maintenance

Greyhound Racing Victoria is also responsible for project managing all aspects of design, planning, statutory approvals and construction of diverse infrastructure projects, including but not limited to greyhound racetracks, pavilions, grandstands and associated works.


It is GRV’s responsibility to develop and manage innovative projects that ensure track surface consistency and efficient use of track maintenance resources.

Stewardship and Governance
Stewardship and Governance

As with other sports, upholding standards and regulations is an absolute imperative in the greyhound racing industry.


Greyhound Racing in Victoria’s governance is maintained by the GRV’s Integrity department which includes roles such as: Stewards & Vets. It is the responsibility of the integrity department to regulate, investigate and enforce the rules of greyhound racing in Victoria. From employing the stewards, to organising when each steward is available for each meeting, to enforcing penalties and restrictions, the racing integrity department do it all.


As the Integrity department plays an extremely important and integral part of the sport of greyhound racing in Victoria the department is made up of people who came from diverse roles in rules and regulation management such as Lawyers, umpires, referees, etc.

Greyhound Welfare
Greyhound Welfare

The general welfare of participating and non-participating greyhounds is of paramount importance to Greyhound Racing Victoria. Much like the GRV’s Integrity department, The Greyhound Welfare department sets and enforces rules and regulations when it comes to breeding, conditions of living and retiring of racing greyhounds.
Through implementing a

1. Responsible Breeding Task Force, which aims to reduce “poorly bred” litters and provide competency assessments for breeders.
2. Responsible Person…..GRV can identify a “responsible person” of all Victorian bred greyhounds currently domiciled in Victoria.
3. Split Kennelling Times…. Greyhound Racing Victoria’s Greyhound Welfare objective is to treat greyhounds humanely by ensuring best practice greyhound welfare protections.

Greyhound Adoption Program
Greyhound Adoption Program

The Greyhound Adoption Program, or GAP, is an initiative of Greyhound Racing Victoria dedicated to finding homes for greyhounds that are no longer suitable for racing.


Every dog that enters the program is thoroughly temperament tested, desexed, wormed, microchipped, and vaccinated. They then spend time with a volunteer foster carer to help them adjust from life in a kennel, to life in a pet home.


Our foster carers aim to expose their charges to a variety of situations the greyhound is likely to encounter once it becomes a pet, work on basic manners and get the greyhound used to the type of routine that is normal for a family home. It is only after this that they are made available for adoption.


It is one of our main goals to change the negative image so many people have of greyhounds, and through a more positive reputation, hope to increase the public’s desire to care for these wonderful dogs after their racing careers have finished.

To assist with this, GAP volunteers attend many events during the year spreading the word and dispelling common myths. GAP has three full time staff, two part time staff, two part time kennel hands and around 100 foster carers and volunteers.

Club Management
Club Management

There are 13 Racing clubs in Victoria:
1. Ballarat
2. Bendigo
3. Cranbourne
4. Geelong
5. Healesville
6. Horsham
7. The Meadows
8. Sale
9. Sandown
10. Shepparton
11. Traralgon
12. Warragul
13. Warrnambool


Clubs have the responsibility of facilitating race meetings, track upkeep and providing hospitality for fans and spectators who visit their track.


Part of GRV’s racing operations and marketing involves providing consulting services to all Victorian Greyhound Racing clubs in the areas of event management, digital and traditional media management and track/facilities upkeep.


Club managers are appointed by club committees, and work closely with GRV on major events and promotions throughout the year.

Event Marketing
Event Marketing

Throughout the year there is a calling for premium special events that make up the racing calendar.


The Events are:
Top Gun
Hume Cup
Ballarat Cup
Sensational Summer
Cranbourne Cup
Warragul Cup
Melbourne Cup
GIAN Healesville
Cup Australia Cup
Horsham Cup Sale Cup
Bendigo Cup
Warrnambool Cup
Sapphire Crown
Sandown Cup
Traralgon Cup
Geelong Cup

Other minor events are also put on to increase track attendance.


It is the responsibility of GRV’s marketing team to make sure that all media sources are utilised to promote each individual event. This may include organising radio time, or placing promotional advertisements in newspapers, magazines, etc., as well as make sure they a promoted effectively on digital media outlets such as websites, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


The event marketing team is also sometimes employed to provide assistance and guidance for different functions throughout the year.

Digital Marketing and Community Management
Digital Marketing and Community Management

Greyhound Racing Victoria recognises that in order to effectively promote events, up-to-date news and continued participation it is an imperative to have a strong digital and social media presence.


Currently GRV has a presence on:
Facebook: GRV and GAP pages
Twitter: @GRV_News and @TheWatchdogTips
YouTube: GRVextra and GRV Vision GRV are also looking to expand their digital footprint with the introduction of a YouTube racing channel, a GAP Instagram profile, and also creating a Google + presence.


It is the responsibility of the Digital Marketing Manager to maintain and grow the digital footprint. They work together with Media and Communications Managers to ensure that a constant offering is always being met.

Media and Public Relations
Media and Public Relations

Greyhound Racing Victoria actively participates in many forms of paid media with staff members often appearing on Radio and Television Networks such as Sky Racing, RSN and SEN.


These networks are used to promote upcoming events, inform viewers/listeners of recent news, or to give general industry updates. Part of GRV’s role in this is the coordination of key news items through mediums including GRV’s website, facebook, twitter, Herald Sun and its weekly eNewsletter.

Member Services
Member Services

Member Services Department at GRV delivers professional, timely and superior customer service to existing industry participants and new entrants. Customer contact in this environment is principally by phone and e-mail communication however some face-to-face contact is made.

In addition to the customer service aspect the Member Services Department is responsible for the administration of GRV’s regulatory responsibilities which include the registration of owners, trainers and greyhounds in the state of Victoria.


The Members services department is the first point of contact for key stakeholders, GRV members and general enquires. MSD are also responsible for the daily recording of race nominations and scratchings, which is integral to the day to day running of Greyhound race meetings in Victoria.