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Last Updated: 26 August 2019 06:53:17 AM

Waterloo Cup


The National Coursing Association’s Waterloo Cup event is the pinnacle of the Victorian coursing season,
and the oldest greyhound race in this state with more the 140 years of history.

Held on the last weekend of every coursing season, the Waterloo Cup requires greyhounds to compete up to six times across two days in a knockout competition. In current times the Waterloo Cup is either held at Lang Lang or Longwood.

Each year the winning greyhound has its name inscribed on the Waterloo Cup trophy, which is kept by the NCA, while winning connections take home a small version, a sash and $12,500 in prize money.

Waterloo Cup weekend also offers up a number of supporting feature races, with prize money across the two days being in excess of $25,000.


  • It is a form of greyhound racing that is conducted throughout the colder months of the year at three Victorian straight tracks that are used exclusively for coursing – Benalla, Lang Lang and Longwood.
  • It is one-on-one greyhound racing conducted in a knockout format in which greyhounds can compete up to three times across a day and, for certain events, six times across a weekend.
  • In Victoria, coursing is run by the National Coursing Association of Victoria, made up of a small band of dedicated volunteers, in conjunction with Greyhound Racing Victoria.


  • Coursing is great for young greyhounds as it teaches them to balance.
  • It is also great for the confidence of greyhounds as they are only competing against one opponent and they encounter little or no interference. There are also same-sex races and puppy races which ensures competition is generally pretty even.
  • It provides an avenue for older greyhounds.
  • It is renowned for encouraging greyhounds to chase with more determination as the lure is different and the venues have different surrounds to normal racetracks.
  • It gets greyhounds extremely fit.
  • Greyhounds generally have a spike in form when they return to regular racing after a successful attempt at coursing.
  • Coursing provides a wonderful opportunity for trainers to bond with their greyhounds as they need to be quite hands-on with their dogs throughout the day including washing their feet, massaging them, rugging them (if a cold day) and feeding electrolytes in between runs.


  • There can be welfare dangers associated with coursing greyhounds more than once in a day, meaning adequate preparation in the weeks leading up to, and during a coursing event is crucial. Greyhound Racing Victoria recently released a video series on coursing tips which can be found here:
  • Coursing provides a wonderful social outing for people and is a lot more laid back than other race meetings, with families and friends building campfires, cooking barbeques and partaking in sporting activities such as a game of cricket or kicking a footy.
  • Prize money across Victoria’s coursing season has recently grown by more than 30 per cent to around $167,000 over the season, which usually runs from May-August.
  • The premier event on the coursing calendar is the Waterloo Cup, which is the last meeting of the year, usually held in late August at Lang Lang or Longwood.
  • Betting on coursing cannot be done at a TAB, however there is a bookmaker on course.
  • Coursing clubs generally offer catering services including home-cooked meals.


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