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Types Of Ownership

The enjoyment of owning a racing greyhound – and the thrill associated with your very own greyhound winning a race – is something people never tire of and is an amazing adrenalin buzz.

You can own a greyhound on your own, or enjoy the experience with others. Here is a basic rundown on both options:


To own a greyhound solely can be a relatively costly exercise, although the financial reward can also be extremely beneficial as it is standard practice in Victoria for the owner to receive 50 per cent of all prize money won by a greyhound, while the other 50 per cent goes to the trainer, which is effectively their trainer’s fees.


In any case where more than one person owns a greyhound a syndicate must be formed. This can be a fantastic social platform for people to come together at the racetrack, in a TAB or in your lounge room to watch your greyhound compete for real prize money.

Should you have any queries about the registration application process for an Owner or Syndicate, please contact Member Services on (03) 8329 1100 or email memberservices@grv.org.au





-Decide what category of ownership you would like. (Sole ownership or a syndicate)
– Registration as a Sole Owner is Free of Charge.
– Log in to your FastTrack account.
– If you have been registered with GRV in the past, reset your password here: https://fasttrack.grv.org.au/Home/ResetPassword
– If you are a brand new participant, create a new account here: https://fasttrack.grv.org.au/CreateAccount/Create


Log in to FastTrack, then click the ‘Apply to Participate’ tab and follow the steps.
Step 1- Select ‘Owner’, click ‘Continue’.
Step 2- Read and acknowledge the responsibilities by ticking both boxes, click ‘Continue’.
Step 3- Fill in your personal details, click ‘Continue’.
Step 4- Tick any relevant ‘History’ boxes, click ‘Continue’.


Your application will be complete and you will receive a membership card in the mail.


For assistance with your application, contact our Member Services Department on 03 8329-1100 or email info@grv.org.au