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Last Updated: 19 June 2019 11:02:53 AM

Ownership Responsibilities

Owning a racing greyhound is a terrific experience and one unlike any other in racing. The experience is made even better when you have a close relationship with your trainer and take an active role in the education and development of your greyhound. Playing an active role and asking your trainer how they are preparing your greyhound can help grow your understanding of the sport and of this incredible breed. They are superior athletes yet one of the most placid creatures you will find. This makes them an intriguing animal and one that you will fall in love with from day one.

Before taking the step into investing in a greyhound, the first question you should ask yourself is: Have I considered the long term future of this greyhound?

As an owner, or group of owners, responsibility for the welfare of your greyhound throughout its entire life rests with you and the decisions you make. From the moment you purchase your greyhound until the time it finishes racing and beyond its racing career it is imperative that you play an active role in ensuring your greyhound is, at all times, properly cared for.

One of the most important decisions you need to consider as the owner of a greyhound will relate to what you plan to do with your greyhound once they are no longer considered a racing prospect and their career as a race dog is coming to an end.  This is something that needs to be discussed well before your greyhound begins their journey to the race track.

Most greyhounds make wonderful pets, especially where their owners have a hands-on involvement in preparing them for the transition from racing athlete to household pet.  As an owner, GRV encourages you or one of your fellow owners (particularly if your greyhound is owned by a syndicate) or even one of your friends or a family member to consider adopting your greyhound as a pet once it is no longer considered a racing greyhound.

Racing greyhounds are like any other pet dog, except that often they don’t possess the life skills of a household pet raised in suburbia.  Having been brought up on larger properties and not exposed to things we and our pets encounter in daily life, they may take a little time to transition to retirement in a family home. By bringing your greyhound into your home at various times during their early life and racing career, you can easily introduce them to simple things they may never have experienced before such as climbing up and down stairs, noisy household appliances, being alone in a back yard and of course meeting people of all ages.

Whether or not you are providing your greyhound with their forever home at the end of their racing career, imagine the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped prepare your greyhound for their future life as a happy household pet.

The Greyhound Adoption Program, run by Greyhound Racing Victoria, is dedicated to finding loving homes for hundreds of retired greyhounds each year, and your greyhound’s chances of going through this program successfully will be improved significantly if you have a hands-on involvement in the preparation.

To find out how you can prepare your greyhound for the Greyhound Adoption Program and life as a pet click HERE

Greyhound Adoption Program

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